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360 - Pc transfer **NOTE** hear me out on this, please!

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im trying to transfer my 360 skyrim files to pc and i figured out all the kinks but 1 and that's how to update the files. to put it simply when i try to load my Xbox save on my pc it gives me this message:

The save game cannot be loaded because it is outdated, its current version is 0 and the current version is 9.

now my question is how do i get it to "accept" it as version 9, note i have all the same dlc's on xbox that i do on pc so i don't think that should be a problem, if you have any further inquires feel free to ask! because the sooner this gets fixed the sooner i can go back to raping and pillaging the inhabitants of skyrim

note: i did change the file from .exs to .ess so i dont think that being the problem

now for the reasoning with you before you decide to lock this post part of the topic!

ok so basically it goes like this; i was converted from console a little over a month ago and ever since ive been moving game saves from console over to pc because i plan on selling my console for some extra cash to upgrade my GPU in order to support more graphically intense mods. unlike all the other posts ive seen locked on this topic over time there has always been one thing, they have wanted to move saves from pc to console with potently cracked/modded extra material. I on the other had have no intent on ever touching my console again after i load these saves to my pc because i plan on selling it! now i know all about the whole shpeal you gave all the other people about this kind of thing and how its illegal and its a "no-no" topic but in my case i beg to differ. in fact i went and looked up the terms of agreement for Xbox 360 version of skyrim and the Pc version of skyrim and you guys are right and is as written that "Any alteration or modification of The Elderscrolls V: Skyrim is prohibited and any manor of action relating to the modification or alteration of The Elderscrolls V: Skyrim is subject to legal by Bethesda Softworks". HOWEVER in the Pc EULA it mentions no such thing except a bit about trying to edit it then make a profit from the modification which i would not dare to even think about doing.

so present this before you as not only a question to you staff/moderators but as well to the people of the Nexus forum, and in order for the other none moderators or staff the post must remain open in order for them to partake in this discussion. if you deem other wise and decide to lock my post and send me a link of the EULA of which im already fully aware of i will be very disappointed considering that fact that under the statement of both the EULA's that it is not a problem for me to partake in what i am doing. if you can find an exact
quotation as i have please present it before me so i can see the error of my ways.

p.s. the reasons i mainly want this to stay open is because id like to hear the peoples verdict on this, regardless that it means anything id still like to hear it and get my error fixed! heres a picture of the error http://steamcommunit...s/?id=110979290





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Discussion of console modding, including transfer of files between the PC and Xbox is not permitted.


If you want to debate or clarify the content of the EULA, please consult with the lawyers of Microsoft.

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