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Player not recognized as vampire [Dawnguard]

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I'm confused. I was afflicted with vampirism as a custom race (was playing as a Succubus at the time), and no one acknowledged my vampirism. So, using the 'better vampires' mod, I reset my variables, re-acquired vampirism, and rested for three days to re-awaken my powers as a vampire. Which seemed to work, but they STILL wouldn't recognize me. Determined, I kept trying, and even tried switching to other custom races. No luck. Finally, I gave up and switched to a Nord, thinking that it would surely work. Once again, I've run into a dead end. I'm now a Nord with vampirism that no one acknowledges. So I can't advance with the quest with the Vampire faction. Any fixes/help? I'm tempted to just join the Dawnguard, but seeing as how I already joined the vampires, I'm not so sure they'd take me in. Plus, I like Serena, so I'd like to be able to continue on the side of the vampires.

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