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Nexus Mod Manager - Release Notes

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I am going to use this post to announce new versions of NMM, including what has changed, as well as outlining the features and fixes I am going to have in the next build.

Latest Build: 0.53.2

NMM versions prior to 0.52.0 are no longer supported by the Nexus servers, and won't be able to authenticate/download.

Version 0.50.0 and newer require the installation of the .Net Framework 4.5
.Net Framework 4.5: .Net Framework 4.5 Redist

Latest Build - 0.53.2
Installer: Nexus Mod Manager-0.53.2.exe

Hotfix 0.53.2:

  • New Feature: Mod counter (present/active) added to the bottom bar.
  • Fixed missing progress column on the mod activation monitor.
  • Fixed cancelled installs reporting as 100%.
  • Fixed CTRL+C not copying all fields on the mod activation monitor.
  • Fixed many instances of UI lag and/or getting stuck.

Hotfix 0.53.1:
  • Fixed mod upgrades getting stuck and blocking the activation queue.

Added Features:
  • Mod Activation Queue added (queued mod uninstallation will always take priority over installations).
  • Backup restore functionality added (to revert from the upcoming profiles build).

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed many instances of NMM crashing when a file is locked by another process.
  • Fixed a progress bar “ArgumentOutOfRange” crash.
  • Fixed SHIFT+Click multiselect not activating Install/Uninstall buttons.

Next Build - 0.60.0
Due: January , 2015
Planned Fixes:
  • None, yet

Planned Features:
  • Mod profiles
  • New mod install method

Previous Builds

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