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Nexus Mod Manager - Release Notes

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I am going to use this post to announce new versions of NMM, including what has changed, as well as outlining the features and fixes I am going to have in the next build.

Latest Build: 0.51.0

NMM versions prior to 0.47.0 are no longer supported by the Nexus servers, and won't be able to authenticate/download.

Version 0.50.0 and newer require the installation of the .Net Framework 4.5
.Net Framework 4.5: .Net Framework 4.5 Redist

Latest Build - 0.51.0
Installer: Nexus Mod Manager-0.51.0.exe

Added Features:
  • Added Tips Manager, provides new versions fixes and tweaks feedback.
  • NMM will warn the user if there’s something wrong with the selected InstallInfo/Mods folders.
  • NMM will prompt the user to go back to the folder setup instead of just automatically removing installed mods if they're missing from the proper mod folder.
  • Added support for the new endorse/abstain management (to update the local status you’re required to perform a “mod update check”, no icon in the endorsement column means you never endorsed the mod).
  • Added new “Stop Searching” button to the game scan UI: clicking this will stop the search process for all game modes.
  • Added new “Quick Startup” button to the game scan UI: clicking this (after confirming at least one game path) will immediately switch to the game selection with just the games you’ve already verified.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the XML script compiler preventing scripts to properly compile for plugin-less games.

Next Build - 0.60.0
Due: July , 2014
Planned Fixes:
  • None, yet
Planned Features:
  • Mod profiles
  • New mod install method
Previous Builds

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