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Miraak is ethereal and I can't figure this out!

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Hello all and I hope Im at the right place! I  have recently encountered a problem with the Dragonborn DLC. Before I go further I do have v1.8 and the unofficial skyrim patch as well as the unofficial dragonborn patch, also my mod load order is correct. (I dont have hearthfire if that means anything) Anyways, at the final fight with Miraak he's supposed to absorb all 3 dragon souls, well not in this case. I fight Miraak as slowly as I can using only my Kahjiit fists, once his health reaches a certain point he shouts at a dragon and then I myself absorb the soul not Miraak! Well in this case Miraak stays in the center of the map and stays ethereal, so what do i do? 1. I try sneaking to stay hidden so Miraaks health returns and i can fight him again or... 2. while he is glitched i type in my console "resurrect 1" or "ResetHealth" to gain his health back so i can start fighting him again to progress. Either way i do this it doesnt matter, Miraak stilll turns ethereal in the middle no matter how many dragon souls i have absorbed (which there should only be 3 dragons i believe) So...after the 3rd dragons soul is absorbed by me, Miraak again turns ethereal in the middle of the map. So here i am thinking this is it! I know i have fixed this! NOPE...so what do i do? I regain Miraaks health back to fight and kill him the final time but only turns out that once his health (again) reaches a certain point he goes to the middle of the map and shouts at nothing (since all 3 dragons are dead) and in turn he stays ethereal. Sorry for the drawn out paragraphs but man this wild!! So is there anything i can do to progress beyond this point? Ive tried all i know and can think of, from restarting a saved game before the battle to disabling some of my mods and nothing works. Does anyone have any idea? Thank you!!!!




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i'm not sure if this will help but try to update to the latest unofficial dragonborn patch and unofficial skyrim patch. it may help but i'm not entirely sure , sorry , sadly i think there is no real fix for this yet . and i too suffer from this issue ;'(

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