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Bodyslide Plus Plus - 35 Extra Sliders for CBBE With Outfit Support

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In response to post #20943944.

If you have actually built the armor groups correctly with the same preset as the body,
all armors contained in this mod should have the same shape in game as the naked body.




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In case anyone here wants to use Killer Keos's newer version of steel armor (picture here) which is absolutely better, since this mod doesn't have that one I converted it to bodyslide myself last night and am more than happy to share it with you guys.

I know it's not a big deal since steel armors aren't that good in late game, but it just looks so amazing I'm even considering using it despite the armor rating.

To use it, after installing this mod replace cuirass_1.nif and cuirass_0.nif in Data\meshes\armor\steel\f\ with this file. 

Sorry it turns out there's more than that, I forgot you have to build it for your own preset.

1. Download this and put it in Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderSets

2. Download this and extract it in Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\ShapeData (you should have a folder named Steel inside ShapeData).

3. Open BodySlider and build this outfit with your preset. Your preset is usually fixed in a CBBE body though, so choose CBBE body and your preset, then choose batch build and tick Steel, then OK.


After that you can also replace the cuirasslight files (which are the previous version) with the cuirass ones (the ones you'v just built with bodyslider), but I prefer to keep both variants, one with the pauldrons and one without, similar to what vanilla had :smile:

Since Lydia uses cuirasslight as default, if you want to see it on her right away do replace the cuirasslight files.


The item code for those who want to get it:

player.additem 000F6F22 1; ArmorSteelCuirassB

player.additem 00013952 1; ArmorSteelCuirass


Sorry I forgot which one is which, try both :sad:

If any author of this mod see this, please consider adding this to the mod since it's a conversion of Killer Keos's work to BodySlider, exactly what this mod is meant to do :smile:


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In response to post #21011504.

You forgot to edit the set xml to show the location of the data. Good work tho, thanks for this :)

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