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Farm animal breeding mod request.

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As the topic says I'm in the market for a mod that allows one to breed any or farm animals such as cows, chickens and the like.  I went hunting on the nexus site to see what was there but i could not find anything. 


I was wondering and hoping if someone out there would be willing to produce such a mod, as it would complement some other mods i have such as tundrea defence along side farm anywere. 


The main idea ofcoures is to allow the player to (either at a specified location or anywere in the world) have a place to create and animal and breed it. For example one gets a chickens egg.  


In some way shape or form(up to the modder) in set to "grow/hatch" producing a chicken. then once the player has two or more can be allowed in some way shape or form to breed them and make a third chicken. 


The idea is a bit rough in my head at the moment, so i hope you guys at least get what I'm trying to get at. 


If you have any questions comments  or concerns, i will check this post frequently and answer as best as i can. 


Thanks in advance, shadowstart220

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