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BBP and TBBP mods

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As topic above. I am searching for a list of (at best all) BBP/TBBP mods which exist on Nexus. Problem with these mods is, that they usually come along with own body textures or other stuff you do not want and you have to be careful while installing and overriding.



So far I found the CHSBHC BBP mod and UNP BLESSED BODY UNPB - With Optional BBP Breast Physics mod.


I usually use the CBBE v3.2 body textures, the BBP animation files of CHSBHC (the CSHBHC body textures I override with CBBE textures) and The Skeleton of Female Models perfect 3.2 as skeleton and it works relative well in my eyes.


Sadly I can't use the UNBP BBP mod (it has the better BBP effect in my eyes and the optional girlish dash and high heels walking animation is just great), because this mod works only for NPCs with default female animations and therefore it does not work for my huscarl follwers, because they have opposite gender animations and if you do not change this animations BEFORE you ever meet those NPCs in game you can't change the animation anymore (I tried really everything, no success, it's baked into my saved game for ever).


That's the only BBP enabling mods I found so far on Nexus and I doubt that these are all. So I read about TBBP for example but could only find TBBP supporting mods and skeletons, but not the mod for enabling the effect, aka the animation (.hkx) files.


So, anybody knows some more BBP mods out there and especially where I can find the .hkx animation files for enabling TBBP? Finding a compatible skeleton for this shouldn't be the problem, the Custom Skeleton Replacer mod will have a fitting combination for sure.



EDIT: Found it, you won't find that on Nexus, but on *site not allowed*. Useless for me, because it follows the same routine as the UNBP BBP. The animation is dependant on the female animation path -> no TBBP for opposite gender animated housecarls.




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I prefer the mod "HDT Breast And Butt Physics - TBBP BBP Supported" by threedeedevil. It can be used with any body type that supports bbp/tbbp.


Edit: ...and I just realized what year the last post was from. *Sigh*

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