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random encounters while sleeping/waiting

random encounters sleep attack interrupted sleep attack while waiting

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Hi, I'm looking for a non-skse mod that adds a chance you are attacked if you try and sleep out in the wilds or wait in a dungeon.


Sands of Time is kind of the right idea but the unofficial skyrim patch team says it is unstable and also I just can't get it to not CTD on start, but I feel like I need a mod like this for immersion purposes so that a portable bedroll is not super overpowered by, anytime and anywhere you want, providing a way to sleep and remove tiredness penalties that come from Realistic Needs and Diseases.


I can't believe there aren't more mods like this.  Its a classic rpg feature.  And I think, essential for realism.


Really you just waited 8 hours in a draugr filled dungeon?  Or had a little snooze on vampire mountain and woke up without any holes in your neck.


This is an Essential mod type.  Pleassssssse  Mod Gods.

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