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Custom Animal Follower / Hearth-fire Pet

customized custom customizeable hearthfire follower pet creature animal name creator

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I've always wanted that one perfect, mass-murdering, Daedra-slaying, Dragon-smashing companion to follow me around... Of course I mean a Skeever! What did you think? A Nordic Drag Queen?

_                                                                         _

_ Custom Animal Follower Mod  _



I'd prefer if...

You credit me in the description of the mod if you were to start developing it

You link me to the nexus/steam page containing the mod (Because I really want this mod)

You post your own opinions and ideas in the comments

You respect the other users of this page, keep this professional, and put thought into your posts


Now that all that's dealt with; allow me to explain the idea


Brief Summary


A Skyrim mod designed to enhance Hearthfire's domestic animal mechanic, and add fully customized creation of your "Pet". There will likely be a dialog between the Dragonborn and a merchant NPC who can open a GUI, similar to the Race Menu, that allows you to customize a pet from an assortment of things such as those shown in the list below v. After you create and name your pet; a list of options should come up in the dialog, after he asks "Do you have a place for him/her to live?", The list should show a list of the Hearthfire plots w/ animal pens that you have purchased; select one, and your animal should spawn in the animal pen there.


"Merchant NPC's UI Segments"

  • Race*
  • Gender (Serves no purpose other than slight appearance differences on different animals)
  • Fur (Pattern/Color)
  • Height
  • Girth
  • Head (Shape)
  • Eyes (Color/Shape)
  • Nose (Color)
  • Ears  (Pattern/Shape)
  • Scars(For all the Bad-asses)
  • Accessories (Saddles/Etc.)


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