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how to use the mods on this site

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Hey all, New to the PC Dark Souls, though I have been playing since it came out on the xbox. I was excited when I got the PC version because I knew I could find cool mods, with great success!


However, I don't really know what to do with them... most contain only png files, and I am not really sure where the heck to put them..... is it possible to create a separate mod folder within the dark souls files, or do I need to pull out the originals (to have as backup) and replace them with the png's? If so, where is that?


Sorry for the noobishness, but I really don't PC game that often. Have to say, I'm starting to like it a bit more....


Thanks for the help




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So I'll say it just to get it out of the way - 30 seconds in google would have answered everything.


That ain't happening so let's just get this sorted out for you, no worries.


All of the texture mods and so forth on the site require the DSfix mod by Durante, you can find it here too. When you get and install that (as per its contained instructions) you'll find a new directory inside of Dark Souls/DATA/ called dsfix/, inside of this will be a directory marked tex_override/. Inside this override folder will go any png or tga or dds files that you download. When a texture is loaded by the game, dsfix tells the game "no, don't look there, look here" and loads the downloaded replacement texture in place of the original, thus your chosen mod is shown ingame.


You'll need to change a 0 to a 1 in the dsfix.ini file (use notepad, the dsfix readme explains how where and why) to turn on replacement textures at first, after that, it's all automagical.


Hope this helped some.




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TY Augh for replying to this topic. I just got DSPTDE and these forums were the first place I looked for exactly the info you provided.

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