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Chief of Thirsk Hall - A title with benefits

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SPOILERS!!! (Kind of...)

As anyone that has visited Solstheim know, the island is pretty big. This makes the exploring of Solstheim on foot quite slow. I've just recently finished the Chief of Thirsk Hall quest and was kind of disapointed with the rewards when the dragonborn was named the Chief of the rieklings of the mead hall. Sure, you could get a riekling follower, but still, that does not feel enough for a chief.


Thirsk Hall is now in the hands of the dragonborn, maybe he could choose it as his personal home? The dragonborn could hire a riekling steward and clean up/furnish the hall the way it pleases him.

The prize beast Bilgemuck sits outside in his pen, pining for the fjords (If you get the reference, I approve your sense of humor :)) so maybe the Dragonborn decides to fullfill the dear boar's dreams. The dragonborn commands some of the riekling warriors to assemble a saddle/armor for Bilgemuck and ta daa!!! Solstheim now has a unique mount! In case the dragonborn was separated from his new and trusty boar, the riekling furnishes a horn of the tusk of a boar to call on the pig, as long as the dragonborn remains on the island.


What do you think? Is this possible to make? I'd love to help, but I know modding as well as a rock can swim, but I will glady contribute with ideas.


- the ArgonianBuccaneer

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