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XCOM Modding Tutorial: Hex Editing

tutorial wiki modding xcom hex hex editing

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I gave it another go to the Hex Editing tutorial on the wiki. Now it should contain all the information needed to start modding XCOM from the beginning.

Advanced chapters are already layered out, and I'm already working on them, hopefuly I'll got them done in the next days.


I've opened this thread for feedback, if there's something that is not clear enough, or if you find something that could be better explained, leave your comment here or edit the wiki yourselves.


I'd appreciate linguistic corrections, and any correction of any kind if there's something wrong.



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It looks pretty good!


I have a few comments, but I will put them into the "Discussion" tab on the page itself.



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Suggest your 'Hexadecimal format' description should point out that hex numbers are always presented as a pair of digits starting from zero (i.e. '00' thru '0F').  The pair of hex digits are a single number, not two separate numbers.  Changing 'AB' to 'BB' is most definitely NOT increasing a hex code by one decimal digit.  It's such a fundamental to people used to working with hex, but confusing to new-comers.
Also that the format for describing hex code outside of a tool that knows it is dealing in hex format is '0x11' to distinguish the decimal number '11' from the hexadecimal number equivalent of decimal '17'.
Later you speak about 'changing a byte' without pointing out that each hex number pair of digits is a 'byte'.  Suggest also adding that to the 'Hexadecimal format' description.
It's tricky writing for novices because there are so many unspoken assumptions experienced coders take for granted.  One of those assumptions is the use of common technical terms or abbreviations without prior explanation in the current document.  That works with a sequential series of texts because it's reasonable to assume the previous texts have been assimilated in order, but not with something that can be taken 'stand-alone'.  A better practice is to always explain a common technical term or abbreviation the first time it is used in the text.
Thanks for taking on this thankless task.  It is most definitely needed.

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I haven't had much time for modding XCOM myself recently, but it's great to see a few more people interested in UPK editing and a wiki setup.

For a long time I had been meaning to write a comprehensive modding tutorial, which I obviously never got around to doing, mostly due to the time it would take and the relatively small modding community. Although I haven't read through your tutorial in full yet, I can tell it goes into quite some detail and you've already put a lot of time into it. I'm sure it will be hugely beneficial to those wanting to get stuck into modding XCOM.

Well done for taking the initiative to setup the wiki and also keep up the great work with your tutorials and findings! :smile:

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