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Lack of Female Facial Expressions?

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I never start threads :confused:. But I really can't find anyone else having this issue with googling it, so I am wondering if anyone else experiences this? Sorry if this has been discussed before.


Up until recently, I only had female characters, and I had sort of accepted that there were no facial expressions for the player.  Well, recently I started a game with a Male Nord, and discovered he had facial expressions when fighting.


So now, when I play one of my female characters, (a Breton and a Dunmer, for the record) I feel moronically sad that they look like expressionless statues when I could look like I will chew enemy heads off.

From what I have read online from various forums, is that people have glitches where their character's facial expressions get stuck, but I don't get them on females at all!  Anyone else experience this, and if so, is there a fix? (I'm all updated, and this happened way before I had any mods.)



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