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We are currently experiencing issues with Google and Yahoo Mail providers blocking our servers for sending too many emails. We do not send SPAM, we don't even have a mailing list. The only reason they're blocking us is because we're sending out 20,000+ legitimate emails a day and they think this is odd (registration verification emails and topic tracking updates for people who subscribe to topics on the forums). If you are not receiving a validation email and you're on a Google or Yahoo domain then it's because Google and Yahoo are actively blocking the forum from sending you your email and I advise you sign up with a different email account (that isn't on Google or Yahoo).

Please login to the forums before sending in a support ticket. If you do not login before sending a support ticket it's very likely your message will be ignored (hint: you can still login to the forums even if you haven't validated your account)

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For the best and fastest support please use the contact form above. If you absolutely have to use email, please email [email protected]


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