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Immersive Settlements - Team Recruitment

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--------[Better Read this in the forum view! (For the sake of your eyes!)]---------


Thanks to your support, I think the mod presents some solid foundations now and I think it’s time for me to setup a team to continue the development.

To synthesize the strategy, the mod aims to improve Skyrim settlements' “immersion” by:

  • Adding new structures/buildings
  • Adding new related NPCs
  • Adding new quests/interactions (not covered yet) to support previous points

At this stage (v0.55) the mod propose mainly new exteriors designs (but with limited interior access) and some new NPCs (including merchants) with basic AI package and standard dialogues. To go further toward the “immersion” objective and keep coherence between added elements I think it is time to increase the interactions between all theses aspects. It represents a lot of work, requires multiple skills and that’s why it needs a team: not only to speed up the development but also to propose the best experience and quality as possible (you can’t be a specialist in all domains!). I will continue mainly to work on “exterior designs” but ideally the mod needs support from:


  • « Scenarists » : An expert in Skyrim/TES Lore knowledge, with talents for storytelling and staging characters. Interested by designing new NPCs, writing dialogues, setting interactions between NPCs, he will also propose quests or others mechanisms ideas to make the places more believable and alive.


  • "CK Specialists”: Experienced Creation Kit modder. You know how to “make things work”. You are used to setting up quests, dialogues, designing AI behaviors, package routine, scripts, etc.... You will help the team to realize basic or more advanced ideas and propose your owns suggestions.


  • "Level designers": In charge to help me with all the “building” stuff. The mod already propose thousands of new buildings and structures but most of them remain empty (inaccessible) for now. You have experience with CK and talents creating “atmospheres” and adding life to buildings interiors (and eventually exteriors). You have patience and interest in details.

If you are interested to join me in this adventure, please leave a message (with links pointing to some of your reference works) in forum or send me a private message.




Template for « Scenarists »


As a “scenarist”, your main objectives are:

  • Creating “alive” and “interesting” NPCs (through dialogues, interactions, schedules, etc…). Theses NPCs must be directly related to others additions (houses/buildings/ships/etc..) actually already implanted or you need to explicitly suggest new additions to justify the existence of the NPC(s). (The reason is there is others great mods who adds NPCs like “Interesting NPCs” and “Inconsequential NPCs”).
  • Be able to describe everything in details so your mate, the “CK specialist” , get all the necessary elements and details to “create” what you imagined.
  • (Optional) Creating quests


If you are interested to join the team and contribute to the mod development (either “full-time” or just occasionally if you want to share an idea for exemple) I propose below a working template you can follow (you don’t need to strictly follow it but your proposition need to cover at least all theses aspects).  

  • Location(s): Location of NPC (Settlement name)
  • NPC(s) name(s): You can use existing added NPCs or create a new one
  • NPC Home: In which added building do the NPC live?
  • NPC function: Each added NPC should have a “logic” function associated to expanded settlements. (Exemple: new woodcutters in Falkreath, farmers in Rorikstead, ship crews in Dawnstar, added merchants, etc …).
  • NPC background: NPC story: who is he/she?  Where he/she comes from? What is he/she doing in Skyrim? His/her ambitions and problems?  Politic views? etc…
  • NPC relationships: His/Her relationships with others NPCs and/or places
  • NPC daily schedule: What is doing the NPC a normal day (detailed by hours). Can contain special schedules (exemple: the Sunday he got to **** to perform ****)


Dialogues: detail all NPCs dialogues (with conditions parameters). This is one of the most important part and that’s why you need to be fluent in English! (not like me :’( ). Example of dialogues conditions:

  • Standard dialogues when the player talk to the NPC”
  • Dialogues when the NPC meet ****”
  • Dialogues in combat”
  • Dialogues if the player is naked”
  • Dialogues if the player wear *****”
  • Etc….

Don’t be afraid to propose a lot of content! (This will make the whole interaction with NPC immersive or not!)


Quest(s) (Optional!): if you imagined a quest related to your NPC(s), describe the quest stages in details.

  • Quest background: Describe the quest plot in details
  • Quest prerequisite: Details them if
  • NPCs involved: list all NPCs required for the quest
  • Quest items: existing or new ones
  • Quest details: describe all quest stages. Don’t forget to write dialogues too!


Some exemple of ideas to develop:

  • New  “Hunters” faction in Falkreath
  • Background for dark elf ship and crew in Dawnstar
  • 2 unused Beteshda NPCs were restored in Stonehills: make them alive!



Template for “CK specialists”


As a “CK specialist”, you are in charge to “make things work”. You need to turn community/team ideas (and yours!) into functional ones. Your mains activities are:

  • Create/modify  added NPCs according to “scenarists” needs (design, schedules, relationships, etc..)
  • Create dialogues trees (with complex conditions if required) and maybe even full quests
  • Create factions, outfits, chests, merchants, quest objets, etc…
  • Find solution to technical problems
  • Implement miscellaneous ideas
  • etc…


Rules applying when editing .esp files:

  • Each new addition (objects, NPC, faction, AI packages, etc…) must have a name starting by: imset_settlementname_****. (Exemple: imset_riverwood_Barakudakeyhouse)
  • Each new addition/change must be notified in a changelog (a text file is fine)
  • You should NEVER move, modify or delete any vanilla objects/references (this is obvious but….)


Exemple of ideas to implement or bugs to resolve:

  • Added guards faction should be either Stormcloak or Legion depending of Civil war quest result
  • Make some NPCs ride horses and travel with them from a location to another (mainly from villages to villages or to working/activity zones).





Template for "Level designers":


As a “level designer”, your main objective is to design interiors of new added structures and make them interesting and immersive. You will work a lot with “scenarists”.


Rules applying when editing .esp files:

  • Each new addition to an .esp file must have a name starting by: imset_settlementname_****. (Exemple: imset_riverwood_Barakudahouse) . The only exception concern “clutters” objects (you don’t need to give a name to apples or a plates… :D  )
  • Each new addition/change must be referenced in a “changelog text” file
  • NEVER modify Vanilla objects attributes. If you need an object  with special properties, duplicate the object and give it a name (following previous rule: imset_”settlementname”_objectname)



Again, thank you all for your support!

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Hey Pymous, 

I am actually a beginning modder, but I know a lot about TES lore and I am a good writer, so I would like to help you as a scenarist. 

I actually work on some wikis on the internet and I am part of a writing club at my school. I would be very honored to be a part of your team :D



P.S. If you want reference links, pm me for them. 



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Hey there! While I'm not sure I'd desire to get seriously devoted to this project, I would certainly like to help out as something of an "honorary scenarist". I'm not J.R.R Tolkien in my skill at writing, but I'd say my writing is versatile, but most of my abilities lie in attention to detail, TES lore (which I am quite knowledgeable of) and, in my opinion, a very good imagination. :D  I find it easy and very enjoyable to conceptualize characters (including personality and rich history), stories, as well as back stories for whatever is in need of back-story. Furthermore, I am equipped with a fairly large vocabulary, at-least in comparison to those I know. :D


So, what I aim and wish to do is provide some input on NPC design, personality and dialogue, perhaps helping out your established scenarists while giving ideas whenever I can. Perhaps even get join the ranks of those scenarist some day, if I'm willing and impress you enough. :P


Anyhow, I have no references to specific works I can give, but if you would like, I could conceptualize some quest ideas and characters which I could send to you by PM, perhaps within two weeks (I have a fair few matters I need to resolve). Also, I have helped out with quest ideas with the Better Cities mod some time ago, specifically I sent amblingalong (who was working on Windhelm) some ideas on quests though he has been inactive for awhile. Also, I had a relatively small role on the mod Skyrim Darkness Immersive corpse (link: http://skyrim.nexusm...m/mods/37790//?), specifically I rewrote some notes for the deceased NPCs. You could contact the author, C0311 (aka Privata) for more details, and perhaps if he is willing, receive the notes from him.


I'll respect your decision regardless of the outcome. Thank you for reading. :smile:

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I can help you out with the interiors if required

Edit: Forgot to mention that I can make NPC stuff as well (Packages and whatnot)

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Hello guys,
Thanks for your interest about helping the mod development (and thanks to those who sent me PMs too).
I'll write some details about how exactly you can contribute and what is exactly "required" in the next days.
I'll try to do some kind of "templates" so anybody who want to contribute can just "try" and share. We'll see if it can works :P

Thank you :)




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In response to post #9004318.

Details added in the sticky post
(You better read in the forum thread for the sake of your eyes!)



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Alright. When I have time, I'll get to work on some ideas. Do you intend to have multiple scenarists or just one? 




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In response to post #9041580.

Everyone is welcome to propose their idea :) (so multiple scenarists is possible yes)
Important things are "quality" and "immersion" so don't worry, just take your time to write interesting ideas :)
Thank you




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I would be up for helping designer interiors and do some scenarists shenanigans. I'm not very adapt at CK though, barely touched it, so I might be able to design interiors but I probably can't put into practice very well. :/ I hope to change that over this year. I might be able to find someone interested here at the school I go to, possibly. Depends on time constraints. I s2g everyone here is so busy with projects lmao. I whip up something for my wood elf idea this week and see if you like it. c:



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Hello dear Pymous,


Now, you know me as Better Cities Whiterun author, and I hope you've had the chance to check it out. If you did not, i think it would be worth your time - it would give you a brief overview of what i have been able to achieve. I worked alone on Whiterun from the release of the CK (january 2012 if i remember correctly) until may 2013 (with some help from experienced modders from time to time of course). I'm quite proud of what I've done even though there still are some issues I'd like to fix. Halas I've lost the motivation because...


Well I've learned a lot since i started, believe me. One major thing i actually learned was this: i can't do everything myself , lol... I mean, I can't be the exterior & interior, navmesh designer, NPCs, voices, and quests designer at the same time. That's the main reason why I lost interest towards my mod. I would like to have the chance to work with a nice team (don't get me wrong, I've worked with wonderful teams before and still am) with each member with his own tasks. That's what I like with your mod; you seem to know how to delegate your tasks / stuff. That is why this mod looks so promising, and this is what makes me want to join your team.


So here is what I propose: the things upon which i have learned the most, and that i have enjoyed the most were writing dialogues and creating lore firendly NPCs. The vanilla game misses so many of them. I know how to create them with their packages, relations, and also know how to make basic quests; but i just love writing. The thing is, it takes SO MUCH time; i only wrote 2 or 3 characters for my mod. And that's the part i loved the most.

Plus, I lost interest in modding because i really got fed up with interior and exterior designing, and scripts thing (of which i have very basic knowledge and cannot be of great help)

I had and still have many ideas for my current mod, but mainly about NPCs and writing, but I can't really do it since there is all the other stuffs to do - and like i said I don't really want to do those anymore. Which is why i'd be glad to be part of your team.


So yeah, please test my mod and tell me what you think about my 3 custom voiced NPCs - the orc merchant, the poor khajit and the argonian follower. I have 2 or 3 personal contacts for great custom voice acting, and could find more without too much problems.


In brief, i could do a mixt of scenarist and CK specialist, since i love writing and have plenty of ideas, and i also learned a lot about CK with my previous/current mod.


Suggestion: IMO, the most terrible error or unforgivable omission from Bethesda and their vanilla game are non human children (by that, i mean elven, orcish, khajit and argonian children - especially elven and orcish ones). I've tried for hours, lots of hours, to create a new race, but i never achieved it. I lost patience and interest, and gave up...

It would be nice to find / recruit someone just with this task; just imagine how much immersion it would bring, and how fun it could be to write dialogues for them! Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that... hahaha!

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