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Changelog for version 1.00 to 1.67

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1.00 -- Original release

1.01 -- Fix stupid mistake (1.00 used SkyrimTEST.esm as a master, instead of Skyrim.esm)

1.10 -- Additional items, use commas instead of brackets:
*Use commas instead of brackets

* "Strength [XX]" potion corrected to "Fortify Strength, XXpts"

Add sorting for
* Apples [Apple, Red and Apple, Green]
* Bound Arrow [Arrow, Bound]
* Balmora Blue [Skooma, Balmora Blue]
* Skooma [Skooma, Khajiit]

Distinguish between different items with the same name
* Embalming Tools
* Empty Bottles
* Ruined Books

1.20 -- Mostly kitchenware and Dwemer items

Add sorting for
* Dwemer clutter (cogs, levers, ...)
* Dwemer scrap (i.e. stuff you can smelt)
* Werewolf totems

Distinguish between different items with the same name
* Bowls
* Candlesticks
* Cups
* Forks
* Jugs
* Knives
* Plates
* Pots

1.21 -- Fixed typo ("Frostibe Venom" corrected to "Frostbite Venom")

1.30 -- Redesign potions, typos, improved compatibility with other mods
* Use hyphen delimiter instead of comma delimiter. This makes crafting a lot more readable than what I did before.
* Potion strength is now indicated by roman numerals instead of explicit numbers. "Restore Health, 100pts" is now "Restore Health - IV". While some people might prefer the "100pts" version, using roman numerals has several advantages (less immersion-breaking, more compatible with other mods, and I don't have to specify if something is "100 pts", "100 %" or "100 s").

* "Unknown Potion" and "Unknown Poison" have been removed from Better Sorting. These were template potions used by the Alchemy skill, and their inclusion prevented [or at least made it harder] for certain mods to work correctly. This does not affect people who only used Better Sorting.

* "Werewolf Totem - Tigh Bone" has been corrected to "Werewolf Totem - Thigh Bone"
* Certain potions with "Regen" now use "Regeneration" instead.

1.40 -- Better Sorting for spells. Corrected "Burned Book" to "Book - Burned".
* Added sorting for spells
* "Burned Book" should now sort correctly as "Book - Burned"

1.50 -- Tweaks for spells. Add Books, Scrolls, Spell Tomes, and some Misc. Items.
* Tweaking to elemental AoE spells names to more closely match Vanilla.
* Scrolls & Spell Tomes are now consistent with BS spell names.

Add sorting for
* Books
* Recipes (Atronach Forge, Poisons, Potions)
* Eyes of the Falmer (Left/Right)
* Skulls (Human, Troll, ...)
* Non-useable soul gems (NOT the one everyone wants)
* Mehrune's Razor pieces
* War Horns

* Certain Better Sorted items had identical names to Vanilla. I removed them from Better Sorting, since they don't affect anything.

1.51 -- Typo fix for Spell Tome: Banish Daedra II

1.60 -- Soul Gems, Letters, Notes, some other Misc. items. Typo fixes, spell tweaks, Atronach Forge Recipe and Treasure Map redesign
* Better Sorting for alchemy ingredients
* Better Sorting for Notes, Letters, Journals, Missives, etc.
* Better Sorting for Shovels
* Better Sorting for Soul Gems
* Better Sorting for Statues of Dibella
* Redesign Better Sorting for Atronach Forge Recipe ("Atronach Forge Recipe - Result" instead of "Atronach Forge Recipe - ##")
* Redesign Better Sorting for Treasure Map ("Treasure Map - Region" instead of "Treasure Map - ##")
* The spells "Armor - I/II/III/IV/V" have been renamed to "Ironflesh - I/II/III/IV/V" to be closer to the original feeling.
* The spell "Transmute" and "Spell Tome: Transmute Mineral Ore" are now consistently "Transmute Ore" and "Spel Tome: Transmute Ore"

1.61 -- Certain treasure map locations are now more vague

1.62 -- Fix some spell inconsistencies between spells/spell tomes/scrolls

1.63 -- Typo fix for Spell Tome: Fire Bolt - I

1.64 -- Consistent names for potion effects. Fix Ranks for Fortify Stamina and Drain Stamina potions. Cleaner .esp
* Potion effect names are now consistent between Alchemy potions and Loot potions (e.g Aversion to Fire (loot) / Weakness to Fire (alchemy) --> Weakness to Fire)
* Drain Stamina potions are now correctly ranked (I/II/III/IV/V instead of V/I/II/III/IV)
* Fortify Stamina - V potion is now correctly ranked (V instead of III)
* "Regeneration" trimmed to "Regen"
* Cleaned the .esp of unmodified items to reduce conflicts and save size.

1.65 -- Support for Categorized Favorites Menu
* Spell rank divider is now ". " instead of " - ".
** e.g. "Raise Dead. III" instead of "Raise Dead - III"
** Spell Tomes and Scrolls still use the hyphen.

1.66 -- Various typo fixes. Add sorting for Shalidor\'s Insight scrolls, Charcoal Stick, Tusks, and some other misc. items. Update your Better Sorting - CFM config file to 1.03 if you use it.
Add sorting for
* Coal Stick
* Flagon - Michaela's
* Scroll of Shalidor's Insight - Foobar
* Tusk - Horker
* Tusk - Mammoth
Fix typos
* Corrected "Fortify Escape- V" to "Fortify Escape - V"
* Corrected various "Mehrunes' Foobar Piece" to "Mehrune's Foobar Piece"

1.67 -- Better Sorting for self-made potions, typo fixes
* Potions created via alchemy are now better sorted!
* Fix "Mehrune's Foobar Piece" to ""Mehrunes' Foobar Piece" instead of the other way around.

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