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Location: It was not my plan to create a house mod near Riverwood/Witherun. I made it as always when I start a new (house) mod project. I have a style trend, a kind of feeling what I want to create. This time it was a home high in the mountains (cold, snowy, great view...). So I checked out almost every mountain in Skyrim and I found three possible locations: 1. The peak over Solitude (also great location! ) 2. The mountainside over Windhelm (also great location! ) 3. This Location Than I image what kind of design would fit for this locations. Which object style (imperial, nordic...) would fit. What kind of architecture would fuge with the existing area. For every location, I had another vision how it should look like. Finally, I thought the vision I had concerning to this locations has the greatest potential. For example, I did it the same way for my first house mod (Wassersturz / Cascades). I wanted to create something with a waterfall. And no, the location isn't near Riften. I found a better one southeastern of Markarth So, please don't compare me with the autors, who just do a playerhome in the centre of skyrim (no disrespect, these people are doing also great mods), but I have put a lot of effort in, only to find the best place to realize my vision




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In response to post #7845021.

Do you have any plans to build a house near that peak over Solitude, you mentioned. I really like Solitude, and it's location near the Ocean. Unfortunately, I never found a house mod near that place...



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its going to be good if the house place change :smile:
rest of the think from this house is cool !!!
too much house mod on whiterun/Riverwood location



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The thing I love about this area, is that it's on top of the mountain and thus not nearly as "in the way" as some of the Riverwood houses.

It might be worth it to make another perch in the same spirit as Eagle's Nest in one of the areas you mentioned FlahoShi. Especially if you have different ideas for how the other houses might look. From an artistic standpoint, the Eagle's Nest fits very well right where it's at.

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