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    • As a bonus, let's compare different meshes too in those crafting consoles too!  Hahaha.  Amaze me by telling me you can make that easy too!  You guys have gone so much further with so little than I thought you could that I would not be completely surprised, but I am betting, not yet.
    • I wrote a lot here, but it all speaks to the issue of finding a simple way for the regular player to mix and match textures between different texture packs easily.  Ideally what I am looking for would be something like a crafting console with which I could pick between different textures from that item provided by different ba2 (and loose file) texture packs as a texture mod, and then have the chosen texture apply to that item wherever it appears in the game.  If it is clothing, it would be nice if it could take multiple textures for the same item and randomly (with some restrictions if possible) apply them to npcs too.  I know that is a big ask given the condition of the game for modding, but failing that, I was hoping for some other lesser solutions that might incorporate progress made by other mods in accessing and manipulating items in game.  Or heck, just a good comparison tool that is easy to use outside the game to make it easy to compare, choose and package preferred texture files between different texture packs. NEAT THING ABOUT LOOSE FILES First, a little background.   I use ba2 and esm files as everybody prefers, but one thing I did like about loose files was how easy it was to compare and choose textures between large texture packs.  You could do it in vortex, do it manually, and I think there were a few little programs here and there to see the dds files I think they were called?  Back when I played Valheim when it first came out, I had a bit of my drive devoted to organizing and picking the textures I preferred for different objects.  Was easy.  I have used mods for years before that, but Valheim was the first time I really understood what loose files were and what I could do with them.  Most of the comparisons I could do outside of the game.  Nothing in game would let me compare textures side by side or back to back.   Everything was done simply by replacing one texture with another in game.   IN-GAME TEXTURE COMPARISONS THROUGH THE ARMOR AND CRAFTING TABLE IN STARFIELD In Starfield, right now, we can see some different textures for some weapon and armors through the texture mod at the crafting tableS.  I do not know if that means we can see textures from different mods, as there are not that many of them that do this, but at least in-game I can see some stuff and choose what I like between what at least one mod author is offering.  IF CLOTHES CAN BE MODDED NOW, CAN THEIR TEXTURES BE MODDED AT THE TABLES? Can this be expanded to clothing?  I know that this mod says it can add a legendary mod slot to clothing:https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/mods/6558  I presume it works but did not use it because I did not want to overpower my character by making even clothing more powerful. But if they can do that for legendary slots, what about the texture modification slot? IF WE CAN COMPARE DIFFERENT TEXTURES FOR CLOTHING, CAN WE DISTRIBUTE THOSE CLOTHES TO DIFFERENT NPCS LIKE A MODDED WEAPON WITH RANDOM VARIATION? Of course, I would like to see more than one kind of texture for the same items on npcs.  I know that enemy npcs can use modded guns.  Could they be assigned (preferable somewhat randomly within their work sphere) modded texture clothes?  Supposedly, the same author with the legendary clothing has made new outfits that can be added to leveling lists.  If there was a texture designation as a modded item, would that choose how the item showed up in game as a modded outfit? IF WE CANNOT ACTUALLY MAKE MODDED TEXTURES STICK, HOW ABOUT JUST SEEING THEM AT THE CRAFTING TABLE If we cannot do that, is it possible to use the crafting stations to see the textures, perhaps convince texture modders to include the mod name in the name of their texture, and use that as a way to pick a preferred clothing item for the npcs to default to?  I say include the name of the mod so I will have at least have an idea of which mod author is making most of the textures I like as I look in-game.   IF WE CAN MOD CLOTHING TEXTURES, CAN IT BE EXPANDED TO MODIFYING OUTPOST TEXTURES (AND SHIPS?)  EVERYTHING? Finally, assuming that using a crafting console to change textures for clothing, armor and weapons, I wonder if there could be a way to in a similar way "mod" other items in the game that we can craft through the building menu to the extent that we can could choose a texture (or at least see the textures to better decide which we prefer). MEMORY PROBLEMS I presume that loading all this new information could slow things down for people, but if just having a mod I could load temporarily might allow me to make choices, cut down on mods with textures I was not really using (or maybe prune those mods of specific textures), and maybe make a good combined texture patch would be helpful.   FAILING EVERYTHING ELSE I guess lacking all of that, it would be nice to have a stupid simple way for the average player to upload and compare different replacers for textures for the same item from different sources at the same time, choose their preferences, and then have them be added to a master file (maybe a final load esm/ba2 combo to be the preferred combined texture patch).  I have seen that ba2 files can supposedly be pruned and combined, but well, being stupid to some extent (I at least have a true brain injury!), I can tell you that the methods are not "stupid simple." If you have read this far, thanks.  I am an enthusiastic mod user; I love the work the community does.  I know that the work you do is free, and do not expect somebody to just jump on this like I was their boss at work.  I just wanted to describe the need, and remember to try to be the solution too, maybe suggest possible solutions (in my amateurish, ignorant of mods way).  I apologize about being so wordy, but I do truly have a brain injury and before that I was an attorney.  So I maybe go overboard trying to be understood, and struggle mightily to do anything different.  Believe me, I did a lot of editing despite all the mistakes (which is why I am no longer an attorney!).
    • Yes, that's what I was saying. I'm personally not comfortable doing that with a pre-CK mod when a console command will work, but the OP is free to use either method.
    • I'll start with this, I have almost no experience making mods for any game but I would like to say that I have tried to figure this out on my own with Google results, the Creation Kit wiki, and the help of other modders .psc files. I'm at a wall. I'm making a stupid/silly small mod for myself that adds features from other mods mostly because I don't really love having 10 small easy to replicate mods that could all be one. I have run into no issues implementing custom spells, enchantments, editing levelled lists, etc until now. I'm trying to make the knockback effect an enchantment that only applies to power attacks and bows. I've had no problem adding the knockback script and made a ragdoll paralyze script (keep them on the ground for an extra second) that works fine along the knockback as an enchantment. The problem I have is with the conditions. I have tried using ispowerattaicking ==1 or getequippeditem type == 7 and this does not work on either bow or power attacks. Then I tried a new magic effect script which compiles with getequippeditem(1) == 7 (ispowerattacking will not compile) and made another new knockback effect to only trigger on power attacks. This also does not work. I've started making a perk enchantment since that seems to be the way most people accomplish more complicated enchants but when I got to the conditions page of the perk creation I started to wonder if I'm just using them wrong. Any help would be great.
    • Also add in Health regeneration to 100% full and Health regen speed very fast. For all difficulties.
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