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Talk about those vintage games you used to (or still) play here. Any system.

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    • Yeah, it is... really messy to navigate.  I am not even trying.  Hopefully they get it sorted out, eventually. If you are wanting to see and participate in discussions about/under a specific mod, why not go to the comments (Posts tab) under that specific mod?  No need to mess with the forums at all really.  Yeah, there is no search feature (yet), but I find it a friendlier setup, personally. (Which is why my over 6k posts, before the count went away, were mostly all on the mods side.)  I am an old-timer as well.  Seems like change hits harder the more years you have been around.  (*Looks at her desktop, configured to look and act like the Win 98 desktop.*)
    • They have said that the search feature will be coming to the mod comments pages in early 2024.  You may not like the format that comes with it though.  If you go to a collections page (the page of any specific collection), look at the comments section under the collection...  That is the system that the mod comments will be converting to.  It does include a search feature, but from what I can see (I may be wrong) it has a more limited editor than even the current one for comments.  Perhaps they will adjust the parameters on it before implementation, I have no idea.  Currently, it seems to default to all threads collapsed, which will be annoying to me, if there is no option to change it, but I am sure some people will like it better.
    • Nice.  It worked.  Thank you.
    • As a bonus, let's compare different meshes too in those crafting consoles too!  Hahaha.  Amaze me by telling me you can make that easy too!  You guys have gone so much further with so little than I thought you could that I would not be completely surprised, but I am betting, not yet.
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