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    • Hello it is me again. I want to create armor and add some effects to it, which work fine for me, I have a pugin, etc. I also have an Object effect, and when I try to add an effect, I get the following messages. Effect item xxxxxxx name has no effects defined. From`s ID not unique Prevosius from is type Object Effect. I couldn't find the post editing function, so I'm re-posting the same topic.      
    • i agree with this. right now, the game forum is separate from the community and i think that having multiple places to post is going to lead to confusion. i'd like to see all the posts from a game forum ported over to the community forum so everything is in one place, and the community become exactly that. maybe that will happen over time.
    • Worked for me as well, thanks!
    • Howdy!  I'm looking to hire someone adept at navmeshing to go over a few areas in a mod I'm working on. There are eight cells in total, and all of them have very simple layouts.  I've done some navmeshing myself, but frankly I simply don't have the proper temperament to draw triangle after triangle. I hate triangles.    DM me if you are interested or reply to this post and I'll reach out to you! 
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