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    • This might be something I'd consider for inclusion in my Starfiedl mod, in the future. The main problem would be not having audio for responses to new options, if any new options would warrant a different response than the ones that currently exist. Or do you just mean a bigger bank of things for the PC to say that still lead to the same responses we already have from the NPC?
    • deleted194876261 account deleted Reason: User requested to be deleted
    • Just ran into this myself.  Navigated from the ESM file that has a record that points to a NIF file that resides in a BA2 file.  But the NIF file has a reference to a *.mat file which I assume must be in this CDB file.  I think this may be a Constant Database File (see https://docs.fileformat.com/database/cdb/ ).  Sadly the original CDB reader doesn't compile on my CentOS system (I think the code is too old and relies on out of date libraries) and the TinyCDB compiles, but apparently barks on the materials.cdb file.  Still not sure how to map the filename in the NIF file to a key in this (supposed) CDB KV store - but heck I still cannot even find a way to read the CDB file. Did Bethesda have some sort of "find the most obtuse file formats known to man" contest when designing their games?  Why BA2 files when we have tar and zip files already?  Why CDB files that somehow hold *.MAT files (whatever the heck they are) instead of just packing the MAT files into a BA2 file? Anyway, going to go read the specs for the CDB format and see if I can cobble together a Java program that might read the file.  Assuming it even is a Constant DB file...
    • Thank you for the information. I've never played Stardew Valley and so, unfortunately, can offer you no help.  Perhaps a kind forum member familiar with Votex issues touching Stardew Valley will come along soon.  In the meantime, go to Search in this forum and type in "Stardew Valley."  You should get a lot of returns.  If that's too much to handle, you can always refine your search.  Perhaps a solution to your problem is in one of those posts.
    • This is the makeup mod from Mari, and I just want to simply remove this tattoo-pattern (circled in yellow) of one of the eyeliners. I can provide the original file, and like to pay a fair price for it :3  
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