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    • The problem is you don't know what else that variable is linked to.  There may be other functions or quests that are affected by its value.  MQArmillaryCompleteGlobal is referenced by a quest, two activators, and a condition form.  Are you sure changing it in the console won't break anything? Look, I use console commands a lot.  I have no objection to them.  But you want to use a SET when a GET does the job. 
    • Hi everyone, as per the title, a few weeks ago I had seen a mod that allowed you to change the speed of cars individually, allowing you to increase the speed of only the cars you are interested in. I've searched the length and breadth of the site, couldn't find it. Does anyone from the description I gave recognise the mod and can tell me which mod it is? I can say with certainty that it's not the mod : Better Vehicle Handling Cyber Vehicle Overhaul Cyber Drift - Crowds and Traffic CYBERDRIVE - Better Realistic Handling Vehicles Baby Driver 2.0   Tnx in advance. ^ ^
    • Before the update all my mods were working fine now most are dead or don't run together with other ones. Like the Jamie c2 color set I was using just stopped working and just gives me an infinite loading screen in the choose your fighter menu, also I used to be able to run Juri's no black tape mod with color a color changing one and now they don't work together. Anyone else having similar problems?
    • Three weapon slots plus melee seems like it is not enough and constantly switching during gigs and missions is becoming annoying after some time. It would be awesome if there were additional weapon slots. I thought about a mod that would add 2 additional 'weapon sets' which we could switch in between each other. So one set could stay as is which is 3 weapons, then with a hotkey players would switch to different sets. In total it would provide 9 equipped weapons at the same time plus melee. Hotkeys for weapons slots could stay the same with this system (1,2,3 + 4) instead of just plainly adding 6 additional slots in the equipment menu which is already quite compacted.
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