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    • I'll be poster #134 to say I want the ability to search comments on mod pages back lol hope you get that done soon. The full editor on the forum was much better for editing sticky comments, like FAQs or news. I also miss being able to properly multiquote comments on the forum page of mod comments. More power is better!
    • Thank you, I used an extension to capture the lot as a screenshot. 
    • Hello, I would like to figure out a way to use Astarion's head as a base to tweak in order to create a new head preset for the game. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good tutorials to complete this?
    • The year I joined originally is not seen unless you look up my ended account: Deleted54170User. I deleted my old account because I wanted to experiment with the Delete Account Function to see how much was really deleted.  I see just my Avatar name Pagafyr and the profile is.  All the posts I made are still accessible by clicking on Deleted54170User. I didn't feel like I was a supporter when all my posted stuff from April 2005 until 2021 had been established because I had paid a one time fee giving me a Life Time Membership without any further support in money necessary.  I feel better helping out having a yearly paid Premium Account. A lot of the friends I had, had grown more mature and told me so, before they quit posting comments on their own profiles and playing made up games, like peeking, making fun of each others comments, a pie in the face splats on the comment sections, and merrily running amok like children.  I was not and am not going to give in to that formula called maturity.  It just means we have made a character mold we're expected to live the rest of our life letting it describe us.  As if it makes us an all decided kind of person focused in the ways of being a grown up.  HA! We've built so many character peeps when playing a new game with better character creation tools it's impossible for me to believe anyone created a perfect character to make them into an ambitious adult.  It is our child self that makes up our make up for our mind and creating a mindset that becomes permanent is like having our mind frozen in a stone cast.  An old saying I recall says, Nothing is written in stone.  Referring to life, laws, and a variety of other momentary classic thoughts.  Heiroglyphs are written in stone, that's true. ;- p
    • Just tried that now and it works! 
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