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    • In Vortex: plugins page, upper right-hand corner.
    • Try this: https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/mods/3444 StarUI HUD lets you customize a lot on the HUD, you can resize widegts, reposition them to your liking or change the color etc. Description is on the mod page with a lot additional information. It is one of the must have mods for me.
    • I can't send a message to anyone on the SW Battlefront2 forum. The option to send a message simply no longer appears on people's profiles.
    • KS hairdo's hdt has 100 physics enabled hairstyles, which is a lot. But not enough to be unique among hundreds of modded npcs. Only 1/8th of ks hairdos has been converted, and nothing from apachii hairstyles. The only other options 6-8 from valkyrie and a bunch of random asian rpg hairstyles scatted across the internet. After 7 years i believe there should be more. I tried myself, multiple times and failed misserably at it.
    • Thank you for the suggestion. I'll definitely try that. I already kind of played around with the idea because I set another armor for an important character to "unplayable", I just wasn't fully sure that it also extends to the trade inventory. Is there a way to dynamically flag items as "unplayable" at runtime or do I need to do this for each item individually?
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