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    • See attached image. When I click "allow access" it closes then opens again like two seconds later. I've set it to the recommended location as well as a couple others that would feasibly make sense. I will note I'm using an external hard drive so I don't know if that has anything to do with this. Any ideas? I'm set as admin so it's not like I don't have permissions myself. No mods are active or even installed at the moment. When I try to install I get this problem.
    • If you need to learn to make a new script as a whole, I'll try and find the topic that explains how to set that up. I don't want to give you wrong info on that. Maybe someone who is more confident can explain how here too. It's really easy to be honest.
    • I'm sure there is probably a better way to do this, but I'm also pretty new and this way works for me really well. I use this script (I found it on the Geck Wiki, think it was called a light switch script. So you can use it all you want.) I'll type out the script of it here for you. ScriptName MyScriptName ref light Begin OnActivate ;ShowMessage MyMessage     if light == 0         set light to GetLinkedRef     endif     if light.GetDisabled         light.Enable     else         light.Disable     endif     Activate End The show message line I added just so I could have text appear when a player interacts with the object I have placed in the world. If you don't want a message to show up, you can delete the line. If you want a message, delete the semi-colon or it wont run that line. If you wanna make an activator it helps a lot to get a .bsa extraction tool (I think most the mod managers have one.) and extract all the meshes. Make a new folder called 'Data' and put the meshes file in there. That will let you keep it separate from your actual game folder but let you select from that folder and keep the file paths the game needs to find the meshes. I have mine on my desktop lol. Afaik, as long as the 'meshes' folder is in a data folder you can put it where you want. Once you do that then inside the geck you can make your activators. I normally just pick one and start editing it. Put in its own ID, the name you want it to have, and switch the mesh to the object you want. (If it's supposed to be a log, select the OasisCouch mesh inside the folder you made earlier.) Then in the same edit box you changed the name in, it'll have a spot for a script. Select your script from the list, and that should be it. Hit 'Ok' and select 'Yes' when it asks if you want to make a new form. Always hit Yes, otherwise you're editing the base object and we don't want that lol. Place the newly made Activator where you want it to be in the world. Now add in the object where you want it inside the store. (If you wanted a log bench on the side of the room for customers to wait, put it in.) Double click the object in the render window to open the reference box for it. Put in a Reference Editor ID and it has to be unique. Once you do that, at the bottom tick Persistent Reference and Initially Disabled. Click  OK. The kinda annoying part now is linking the Activator and the Object in the store. Go back to the Activator out in the world and open the reference box like you did previous step for the in-store object. Where the tabs are, click on the right arrow until you see Linked Ref. You can either select the reference in the render window, or if its inside the store, select the cell name for the store interior in the cell drop-down menu. After that, go to the next drop-down menu called reference and select the reference ID you put in the previous step for the object inside the store. Now, click the right arrow button on the reference box again till you see enable parent. This step works exactly like the previous step. Select the Cell then select the Reference. After that, check the box that says 'Set Enable state to the opposite of parents'. This will make the world activator disappear after activating it. If it all went well, you're done. Hit Ok and close the window.   If you don't have a cell that pops up like my mod, you can always use the cell view window and just pull it up in the render window. Then you will use the 'Select Reference in Render Window' option when linking the ref and the parents. Always remember if you're going to link to objects like this, one or both need a Reference Editor ID. The object you're LINKING to always needs a Ref ID.   Now when you're in game, you can test if this was done correctly. Just go to the object out in the world and you should be able to activate it. When you activate it, if you have a message it will show up then the object should disappear after closing the message window. Head back to the store and the object should now be inside the store where you want it. And a PSA, I recommend you make new forms for any container you want to use in the store so you can edit them freely without editing the base game container.   (I.E. If you want an Ammo Box, find the base game ammo box. Change the ID to something else 'RGHAmmoBox' for example, hit okay and click yes to add a new form. You can change that ammo box all you want without changing every single ammo box in New Vegas.   The wording might be hard to follow, hopefully this makes enough sense to get ya moving forward. I'll try and get some screenshots if you still have trouble.  
    • It is my belief that when I fly my ship  outside densely populated areas I should be vulnerable for being boarded after I land or while in a random space encounter during a space battle I get my engine knocked out and get boarded by either the crimson fleet or a new encounter, (The Red Baron) or (Blue Beard).
    • Can I say something? I miss having friends. Honestly, I get it, ok, the new forums doesn't have a friend mechanic now. However I thought the friend mechanic was extremely useful, and I am pretty disappointed that it's just literally gone now. Many places have the ability to friend someone; tiktok, reddit, twitter, even facebook, even myspace had that. Yes, I get it. This is Nexus mods, not a social media platform, and not any of those platforms, however I think that this is a serious downgrade for the site. Hopefully one day it can return some kind of way, otherwise others might struggle to feel like this is a true community, when they can't even friend somebody to keep them in close contact.
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