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    • I don't think it's that complete either.  Ignoring somebody just results in their posts being collapsed into a hidden form when browsing a thread.  You can still see that they posted and even choose to view the post. Their posts will still show as having been made in any of the feeds and will count as "new content" when the forums mark it. You just can't ignore someone that completely.  This is no different from the previous version of the forum.
    • deleted43022317 account deleted Reason: User requested to be deleted
    • Billyro good https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/users/1734939?tab=user+files
    • Well, it doesn't work on normal users either. Their posts are still shown. Besides, if we are not allowed to ignore Admins, then the system shouldn't allow me to set the preferences - it should say that it's not allowed.
    • Hello here we go: I'm not new to mods but I'm new to Vortex,. Fall Out 4: Buggy and frustrating as Bethesda already built is, Vortex has made it possible for me to re-enhance a game I already love. Here's the big But; Glitches, crashes, load order, what-the-what, and WtF. In order to play my game again, in an enjoyable fashion;  deleted Vortex (twice). First with Microsoft app, then according to Every Instruction that I was given online and HERE. - My latest attempt, to start from scratch, lead me back here. I don't want some self-glorified pleasure player techie enthusiast  response. THANK YOU, I already tried that! - HOw in the name of Preston, can I start over from scratch, without Vortex digging-up ANYthING from a previous install? ya dig? Thank you. Only serious providers of intelligence need apply 
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