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Make Cars cheaper

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Hi guys, I kinda need help on something.


Is there any way to change the prices of cars you can buy from fixers in the game ? Couldn't one achieve that by simply changing some numbers in the game files, or does someone know how to create a mod that lets you change prices ?



Also wanted to share my thoughts about this with you:

Imo it seems like the cars are way to expensive, maybe someone here is more into the lore than me and can explain why it is that way.

Maybe Cars just become more expensive by future standarts, but some prices just seem unreasonable, e.g. why is the Thorton Galena, being the cheapest car in the game 13.000€$ ?? Thats a shitload of money at the start of the game, especially for a somewhat economy car like this one. You wouldnt pay 13.000€$ for a used VW Golf or a Lada Niva or something like that either would you ? Or 14.000€$ for the makigai. There are a shitton of nicer cars you could get for that money.

Getting enough money to buy all cars involves a lot of grinding, which becomes boring very quickly.


Hope someone can help me,

Have a good time chooms!

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