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paarthurnax dilemma quest redo request

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One thing that always bugged me is that Paarthurnax was deemed guilty by the blades but was never given a clear trial to prove his innocence.

With xVASynth we could do a little Dragonborn ace attorney..

Perhaps have the trial take place in dragon's reach and go through some law school, look for some notes that proves Paarthurnax's change in nature. 

But you'd have to finish skyrim law school first.


Delphine: A trial?

Dragon born: everyone has a right for a fair trial

Delphine: where would we get a court room for a dragon?

Dragon born: We could use the Dragon's reach again.

Esbern: Let's see where it goes then but you must get The jarl's permission again.

Delphine: Seriously Esbern? this sounds silly.... but ok He's guilty until proven otherwise.


Dragon born: My Jarl may I preform a trial for a friend at Dragon's reach

Jarl: Why here and not in some common courtroom?

Dragon born: He's the leader of the grey beards

Jarl: There's something you're not telling me...

Dragon born: He happens to be a dragon.

Jarl: No

Dragon born: Why not?

Jarl: My guards still have nightmares about the last two times and You are a inexperienced lawyer. Do around 10 flawless trials and I'll rethink my answer.

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