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Issues editing swf with JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler

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I'm making some changes to the ActionScripts in SkyUI to fit my personal needs. I've been able to edit bartermenu.swf, containermenu.swf, inventorymenu.swf and magicmenu.swf to get SkyUI to work as I want. I decompile them, edit the scripts I want to change, and save back to swf. However if I use the decompiler on craftingmenu.swf and:

  1. Open for example "scripts > __packages > CraftingMenu"
  2. Add a space to the script
  3. Remove the added space
  4. Save the script
  5. Save the swf

When I launch the game and try to craft something I get an error message from SkyUI, and the crafting menu is broken. I find this strange since I didn't actually do any changes to the script. If I just launch the game without ever editing the script I don't get an error message. And it seems to be only for that particular swf. It seems to happen no matter which script in the swf I do it to.


Another strange thing I noticed with some of the other scripts I managed to edit successfully, was that if they contained a conditional using the ternary operator the decompiler wouldn't compile the script, even though it's the exact script that the decompiler itself provided! I had to change any ternary operators to normal "if else" in order to get the script to compile at all. My initial thought was that JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler perhaps wasn't very reliable, however it seems like a lot of people are using it without issues.


I'm completely stumped here.

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