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What mods do you use when using a controller on PC? Iequip Queue menu/ Skyrim Base character menu B controller button conflict

iequip gamepad++ controller console on pc gamepad

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I want to start playing with a controller so I don't have to be at my desk all the time and lay down


What mods do you use to better support your controller gameplay- I use iequip but it conflicts with the base game if I pair it with gamepad++, for example Iequip interact menu is on B (controller) but it is also for the in-game character menu so it doesn't open the iequip interact menu- BUT if have the Iequip menu to a keyboard key and use gamepad++ to interact, Gamepad++ ONLY uses d-pad and Iequip uses d-pad so my combos never work and has made me ignore gamepad++, but it sucks that I have to get up to my keyboard to use iequip menu


What mods do you recommend to better your controller gameplay so you don't have to go in/out of menus alot?


Iequip is good but if there are any good accommodating mods that would be great or if you guys know strong alternatives.


Thank you


 Iequip B button on controller for iequip interact menu conflicts with B button for character menu is there a way around this it isn't mentioned but it is something that is so clearly a conflict with Iequip and it says it has the idea of a controller in mind but this doesn't make any sense. - Anyone know how to fix this?

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