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Windows and Ayleid Homes

oblivion mod requests

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So, perhaps the title is a bit odd. Allow me to clarify:


Many of us, myself included, love the Ayleid architecture and either have downloaded or created player home mods, dungeon mods, etc., featuring said architecture.


Now, most player homes are above-ground and I had a thought. Ayleid ruins are, yes, typically underground as per vanilla lore. But if one wishes to create an above-ground player home, I asked...."Where are the windows?"

"Wouldn't it be grand to have windows letting in sunlight and reflecting or enhancing those lovely hanging crystals?"


Does such a thing exist already, and I'm just not aware of it yet?


Sadly, I myself, do not have the eyesight or the skill to create window meshes in something like NifSkope.


Just a thought. An idea. A possible bug in a more skilled mod-maker's ear.



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Well sorry for a late relpy on this Blue.  I do know of course that you are very creative but I have not seen you post anything of late. Do you still play Oblivion and is this request still Valid?


Creating the actual Window is easy. We could use my painting frames really that I made 2005, first for Morrowind and exported them for Oblivion 2006. The textures are already in game.


Adding the windows to the ruins could be done in 2 different ways. The easy way and the hard way.


1. The easy way. Well adding them outside the current ruin meshes like adding a bloody painting on a wall.

2. The hard way, making gaps at the ruins for in laid windows as windows never sticks outside the walls.


If we do it the easy way, no one will see the differens, ever really. As the frame will make it look like the window is inside the ruin mesh, not outside it  :D

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