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Wizard's Apprentice

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It has been quite some time since you completed your formal training at the College of Winterhold, and while the connections you have with your colleagues will certainly serve you well throughout your life time, It was time to move on. Sure, Tolfdir was a fine teacher, and as the Tenured professor of Alteration, his grasp of the arcane was supurb, but it was time to strike out on your own after being formally recognized as a wizard of the college. Halamshiral has been your home now for several years. Your research has been fruitful, and you've written countless theses on innumerable subjects. Your grasp of Alchemy may not match what the Master Sinderion's was rumored to be before his disappearance, but you you could quote the entirity of De Rerum Dirennis and after so many years in Skyrim, you may as well have written the Herbalist's Guide yourself. Still though... The solitude has been great for your work, and the occasional adventure has yeilded much in the way of ancient artifacts and arcane trifles to study (and that old Grimoire you keep in the chest...) but now you begin to contemplate legacy. Since Camilla and Blaise were killed in the dragon attack, you've grown colder and more withdrawn than ever.


When Alton showed up one day with a recommendation from Falion, and asking you to train him, the answer seemed as plain as the Fundaments of Alchemy (even if Mathierry was a hack). Alton began his own studies, and as time permitted, you would send him on various tasks to collect ingredients or deliver various correspondences to other prominent mages. Even if you are to proud to admit it, having a fresh set of young eyes on your research as been a boon. Expeditions into long forgotten crypts has become significantly less dangerous and almost an enjoyable experience now that you have someone else to carry the tent and supplies. Perhaps it is time for the boy to create his own staff...




So writing this, im including Frostfall, Halamshiral (I have faith Elianora will port...), and Magical Research in the story as i feel they add to the ambiance. But for practical purposes, I think is would be awesome to have a solid Mage apprentice. I envision that you must be at least a College Wizard and level (ish) 30. Also have to be an expert in at least 2 Schools of magic and adept in all the rest (And yes... Restoration IS a perfectly valid school of Magic). The apprentice only levels by you teaching him/her or sending them on some apprenticy missions like exchanging research notes with various other Mages across Skyrim (or Tamriel). You could have some specialized quests or dialouge options that pertain to magic, for example, discussing magical theory, on the spot observations about vampires, the elder scrolls, deadric artifacts, dwemer machinary etc. This was all born out of a desire to flesh out that relationship with Orthorn after rescuing him, and wishing he would be a companion/apprentice but alas... And yes, I know Marcurio is "an apprenticed wizard" but he lacks depth in the apprentice department. Plus, he is a student at the Arcane University in Cyrodiil rather than your apprentice or even a scholar at the College.




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Make this happen people

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