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Can't change ship hologram

ships hologram

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here is ironclad in shiphulltypes,yaml in the 5x mod
 - key: hull_ironclad
            name: HULL_IRONCLAD_NAME
            description: SHIP_TYPE_IRONCLAD_DESCRIPTION
            cost: 10
            space: 110
            hp: 230
            detectionRange: 0.5
            tacticalHPIcon: ContentPrefabs/Tactical/HealthBarIcons/destroyer.png
            icon: assets/ships/%civ%/%type%/ship_destroyer.png
            hullScale: 1
            hullPrefab: /ContentPrefabs/FleetIconsStarSystem/%civ%/fleeticon_race_%civ%_destroyer
            hologram: /ContentPrefabs/Tactical/Holographic_Ships/%civ%/hologram_%civ%_destroyer_b.prefab
            shipDesignScale: 1.8
            hullClass: 2
            introSlot: destroyer
            tacticalLong: 1.0
            tacticalWide: 0.5
            tacticalTall: 0.25
            tacticalVisualScale: 2
            tacticalTriggerCooldown: 0.17
            acceleration: 6
            angularAcceleration: 1.0
            baseDriveVelocity: 1.75
            bestDriveVelocity: 3.5
            maxVelocity: 4.5
            maxAngularVelocity: 1.5
            velocityFriction: 0.02
            angularFriction: 0.05
            flagType: destroyer
            flagPriority: 4
            specialSlots: 4
            weaponSlots: 4
            fightersGroups: 1
            fleetSupportCost: 7
            maxShipsProperty: maxShipsHullDestroyer
            allowMassProduction: true
            allowedShipDesign: true
            CPAffectedByTechAch: true
I tried changing the hologram to a custom asset in the ucp folder. It didn't work so I thought I didn't set up the prefab correctly, but when I tried replacing it with an asset already in game
hologram: /ContentPrefabs/Tactical/Holographic_Ships/%civ%/hologram_%civ%_destroyer_b.prefab
hologram: /ContentPrefabs/Tactical/Holographic_Ships/%civ%/hologram_%civ%_destroyer.prefab
It still displays the destroyer b asset no matter what? Is this caused by some other yaml file?

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