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how to create new weapons for fallout 3 (exapmle) a m107 sniper

creation starter guns fallout 3

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Hey I've just started to want to create mods like dmrs m24s and m1911s for fallout 3 but i have no idea how to actually create or start making a mod so i need some experienced modders to help me out with what sorts of programs to use to actually start making bases of a gun from scratch if you help me get this started i'll give you credit in all of my created mods and let you customize them as you wish.

thanks Rimesy you can either comment a reply or send me a message :)




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Cool man!


No need to give credit, as making models is a chore of its own.


Download programs such as blender, maya and 3dsmax.  You will need to look up tutorials on how to create meshes that is what these programs do.  They meerly create an acceptable mesh to be put into the world of a video game.  After you create a mesh, you must then create a texture for the mesh.  In order to create a good texture you need to study up and research basic art design skills and fundamentals of art.


After you create a model in blender, then you create your texture, you must then watch tutorials on how to upload them using the geck.


All the hard stuff is done for you.  All you need to do is create the model + texture then give them charectoristics and bam put them in the game.


There will be minor things you have to take in consideration such as the pixel sizes of your mesh and also the quality of your texture.  The higher quality texture means the higher performance hit in the game for players.  Also keep in mind games like fallout 3 have many many many objects and having your object in the same screen as other objects will indeed create performance hits and start to generate CTDs that can make the game more unstable.


THe hard part when it comes to adding a custom mesh, is creating the mesh and texture.  Everything else is throughouly explained in turtorials.


It is best to learn how to research and discover how to do these things on your own.  It will prove to be a invaluable tool when you wish to move on and continue modding as technology advances.  Sooner or later, you will be stuck on top of a hill, where everywhere you go nobody knows how to do what you are trying to do.  That is where you need to know how to discover things on your own, or else you will never reach the other side!



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I made a tutorial last year:



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