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Bugged out whiterun siege...need help.

bug whiterun siege legion help mods

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I am running quite a few mods, and have been role playing my character very heavy. I joined the legion and am currently at the battle of whiterun. Everything runs smoothly untill the battle actually starts. The legate gives her speech then a wave of Stormcloaks arrive. I kill them all and the counter will say 79% remaining. After that nothing. I can go kill the catapult guys but that doesnt help, no more waves of soldiers. The quest cannot be completed. I do not know what mods would cause this...but its really immersion breaking for a character that has been very immerisive.


All my mods have been cleaned buy tes5edit and ordered by Boss.

I have no mods that are purposed to change either faction. My only guess would be convient horses (all my horses are out there) or maybe Better Fast Travel or inconsquential NPC's (caravan guard) but I don't know.


I tried consel commanding for completion using

"SetObjectiveCompleted CWSiegeObj 9000 1"

but it says something along the line of not having the correct script...



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I have to warn you, I only rarely use console codes. Therefore these are simply suggestions:

 SetObjectiveCompleted CWSiegeObj 2999 1


or SetStage CWSiegeObj 9999


These are basically guesses, so save your game so you can go back if you need to!


Alternately, I have found that somewimes when an objective won't go forward, all I need to do is save the game and reload it.

You might also try replaying from the beginning of the battle.


I don't know what caused it, but the whole CW questline can be buggy. May not be a mod at all.

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