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Looking for an ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ mod.

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I have been playing Skyrim® for a couple of years now but I’m quite new to the modding scene.  I’ve avoided mods mostly because it (used to) interfere(s) with earning Steam® achievements.  Now that I found the AchievementsmodsenablerSSE mod here at NexusMods®, I’m getting my feet wet.  Most of the mods that I’m interested in are bug fixes, inventory/map management, and cosmetic enhancements.  Cosmetic enhancements, my friends, is where my idea was born.
I have seen plenty of mods involving large naked boobs and cosmetic adjustments to armor.  So… how about we start work on an UGLY CHRITSMAS SWEATER mod?  By ‘we’, I mean modders that know how to do this.  I’m just the pitch man.
Who wouldn’t want to wander the streets of Riften wearing a sweater depicting Frosty the Snowman dressed in Adept Robes of Destruction while casting an Incinerate spell?  Or maybe you’re exploring the dangerous Kolbjorn Barrow.  Even though there is the constant menacing presence of draugrs, you are not worried because you have the warmth and protection of an ugly sweater that depicts Santa; decked out in full Dragonplate Armor and wielding an Iron Greatsword of Ice. Maybe the Santa sweater could have an enchantment that increases your carry weight.  
‘We’ could class the ugly sweaters as light armor, level 31 maybe.  Then they would be fun and useful.  Also, it would be nice if this armor were developed in such a way that you could gift it to a follower who would wear it.  Just think about the bonding experience you and your spouse would have raiding Lost Echo Cave while wearing matching sweaters.  Maybe if ‘we’ have time ‘we’ could also create festive footwear like Falmer-foot slippers or Troll-head booties.  Perhaps an enchanted toboggan hat?  Who wouldn’t want to see Miraak as a balaclava?
As of this writing it is almost June.  I think if ‘we’ got to work now this could possibly be ready to roll out by Christmas.  Any takers?
Thank you for reading.

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