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Frosty Mods not appearing in game

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I'm currently installing mods via Frosty Mod Manager for Dragon Age Inquisition. The mods install onto the manager fine and I have them all checked and activated, as shown in the screenshot. (There are no conflicts.) I launch the game through FMM like you're supposed to, but none of the mods appear during gameplay. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing both the game and the mod manager, but nothing works.


Please note that this is only effecting Dragon Age Inquisition. I've been playing Mass Effect Andromeda with mods through Frosty and had no issues. So I'm thinking it's to do with the game and not the mod manager itself. 


Any advice would be appreciated. 


Note: I have all my settings at Ultra, so the mods should be seen, and I have not used DAI Mod Manager before, so it's not an issue with patch files. 

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is your game on EA play/EA desktop? if so, you need something called frosty fix for your mods to load, frosty mods don't work on games from EA desktop without it. You can get the latest version here.  And here's a tutorial on how to use it.


You also don't need all your settings set to ultra for mods to take effect - you only need ultra mesh quality settings for edits to the shape of 3d models to show up. And ultra shader quality for edits to the freckle and scar overlays, if you have any. But you don't need everything set to ultra - so that is a tip if you don't want to strain your computer too much setting everything to the highest quality. 


Also, though unrelated to your issue, I can see that some of the mods you're loading with frosty are originally made for dai mod manager. This is ok for some dai mod manager mods, but I notice you are loading daimod retextures with the mod manager, this can go pretty badly sometimes if you try to do this, like infinite load, rainbow textures, black textures, lag, etc. If you need help working out what dai mod manager mods are generally ok to load with frosty and which aren't, I have a reply on this thread here which details this. 


Also, I believe the hair P mod for Vivienne may not show up on her outside of the main bases unless you use a character generation bundle, which will tell her to wear her hair anywhere - so, if you're having issues getting that to show up, try downloading the character generation bundle file from the optional files of this mod.


Additionally, you have quite a few dai mod manager hairs with frosty, this is ok they load ok with frosty but if you were in a DLC, dai mod manager hairs tend not to show up there. So if you were in a DLC and you didn't see people wearing their modded hairs, this would be why. I do have a fix for this on some hairs though, if needed. 


If you have any further problems, feel free to say. I hope this helps. ^^

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