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Need help with conflicting mods

conflicts crash mod conflicts tpos

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Hey guys, I'm BRAND new to modding Skyrim SE, and I'm playing on the Xbone (I know, I know, but don't worry I swear I'll never buy another console again - a gaming PC is the next purchase)


I'm trying a few mainstream mods that looked pretty cool, but my game is crashing right after leaving Helgen. I made it through the intro, character creation, and Helgen dungeon just fine, but then it's crashing on my way to Riverwood. It happened right around when it started raining in game, and with the COT mod on it might just be too much on the engine, but I'm so inexperienced to this I wouldn't know the first thing to try troubleshooting.


I'll put my mod list below - can anyone tell me if they know what might be causing the problem? Conflicts, load order, or just too hefty of a load? Do I need to take all the Civil War and Dawnguard mods off and just leave them for a different save where I'm not trying TPOS and Falskaar as well? Are the Graphics Packs conflicting with SMIM? Are there any lighter alternates I should be using instead?


Any advice is much appreciated, thanks guys!


MODS (in current load order): 4.88GB



Climates of Tamriel for XBox One

Open Civil War XB1 (said to put high in the LO so other mods could overwrite it)


Surreal Lighting

Enhanced Night Skyrim

Quieter Dungeons and Caves

Glorious Fort Dawnguard

Castle Volkihar Rebuilt

Depths of Skyrim

Wet and Cold

Skyrim Reputation

Talkative Dragons

Wear Multiple Rings

Immersive Movement

Convenient Horses

BIG: More Kill Moves and Decapitations

Serana Dialogue Add-On

Diverse Dragons Collection XB1

Diverse Skyrim

Civil War Checkpoints

Immersive Patrols

Bells of Skyrim

Run For Your Lives

Man Those Borders!

Dawnguard Sentries Classic SE

Civil War Aftermath SE

Redesigned Females

Redesigned Males

Alduin Retexture - Red

Guards' Armor Replacer

Graphics Pack

Graphics Pack - Assets 1

Graphics Pack - Assets 2

Enhanced Blood Textures

Morfleet's Loading Screens (this one is a non-negotiable, pure gold)

RUNP Textures only without body

Natural Eyes

The People of Skyrim Complete

Falskaar Patch for TPOS

Realistic Water 2

Better Water for RW2

RW2 Patch for TPOS


Thanks again guys, I will send so many good vibes your way if you give me some advice about what to move/remove!



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The People of Skyrim is incompatible with Immersive Patrols and probably some of the other mods you have there. TPOS is one of the most difficult mods around. If you want to keep it, you should go back and read the description very carefully, especially "Compatibility Guidelines" and "Load Order". 


You should also heed the warning: "If you wish to uninstall TPOS use your mod manager and start a new game. Do not un-install mid game or you will regret it."




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Yeah I figured it was a TPOS conflict, spawn points for patrols and such. Thanks for the advice, I'll see if I can make it work!

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