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Vanilla interior => player home

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So, out of sheer idle curiosity ...


If I were to change a vanilla interior cell ... say, Sadri's Used Wares ... to have the LocTypePlayerHouse keyword, exactly how badly would I break the game?



Context: I'm working on some minor edits to the original dwellings of vanilla spouses to create unique lower-class spaces, so moving in with the spouse feels more home-like.  I've successfully created a nice little Vilemyr Inn love nest for Wilhelm fans, and that's working fine, although Wilhelm has learned to teleport and occasionally decides to do so ...


... but I have grand ambitions of Hearthfire Multiple Adoption-compatible homes, and while a cellar-level "disused pilgrim's hostel" should work for Ivarstead (I think? still testing), it would be nice to create a city option in a more confined single-cell space.  Like, say, that storage room in Sadri's.


(Apologies if this has been explained somewhere. I've tried to search, but I'm still learning the modding lingo, and in any case, my Google Fu is weak.)

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