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Guard Dialog more overhaul needed...

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I'm new here so I hope I am posting this in the right place. I really like the work Eckss has done to create the Guard Dialog Overhaul, and it really makes the game more immersive. However, I hope that he can remove one more piece of dialog that I find MOST annoying: "Heard they're reforming the Dawnguard, vampire hunters or something....." I hear it at least ten times when visiting any of the major hold capitals, and quite often other places I encounter guards. That dialog should Stop once I have either visited the "Old fort near Riften," or talked with the Dawnguard orc who invites me to join.  If the current GDO cannot be edited to add this, then a simple mod that eliminates that repetitive comment should be made.  Either that, or a mod that allows me a free shot to behead any guard that says it.



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You're stressing over nothing. In game the guards might not be aware of your situation or the situation with the Dawnguard as Esran was doing most everything on the sly to prevent attacks from the Vampires. No one is going to change the mod to suit that request. It is more likely you need to read about xEdit or SSEEdit and do it yourself.

I do that all the time it is something you should learn in order to properly mod Skyrim SE or LE.

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