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Is it possible to set up a ladder

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I was thinking it would be great if we could have a skill ladder!


So what is it that I'm suggesting?  A downloaded mod that triggers at perhaps the 5 year mark that reports your total score to a website.  Would have to be ironman mode of course.    There would have to be a list of acceptable mods and some way to track if a player adhered to the rules. 


We can have categories such as all time high score, then monthly  weekly/biweekly leagues etc.


You would start a fresh career, select the appropriate mods, and then your score is calculated at a certain date in game.  The mod would need to trigger as the game crosses perhaps the 5 year mark and then your callsign and score would add to the ladder..


As I have personally never opened the mod program I have no idea if this is possible or, (if is) how it could be done.  


Travel time and repairs of course would effect your final score, and players would need to be efficient to achieve higher scores.



Anyway I think this could be hella fun, would add an element of competition. We could earn bragging rites and who knows what.   I'd like to hear modders opinions on this.  Can it be done?  or just a complete phantasy.  If it can, what would be the stumbling blocks, work-a-rounds, and difficulties?  I'm hoping at the very least we can get a conversation going on the topic.  Things that would need to be discussed such as which mods to allow, and how the score would be calculated.

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