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Please help a new player, my game often crashes on the loading screens.

loading screen crash bug mods

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Hi, can someone help a new player, please?
My fallout new vegas crashes frequently on loading screens (when entering or leaving homes and during fast travels too). The screen is paralyzed and does not move (sometimes the sound remains, sometimes not).
I installed mods according to the videos that gopher posted on his youtube channel ( and here is the link to the first video : ) but I'm still not that experienced in mods, and I think I installed one or another that may have compromised the game.
Here are the specs of my pc ( yes, I known it's pretty weak, but it ran fallout 3 complete with mods almost good with only a few crashes):
- AMD E1-2100 APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics 1.00GHz
- 4.00 GB RAM
- 64-bit operating system

I didn't post my load order because I don't know where it is, what folder or file it is exactly. Can someone tell me where the load order is so I can post here?




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Here's what I recommend, please keep in mind that I am also relatively new to the modding scene. It's most likely a load order issue although it would be hard to tell exactly without your mod list and load order. Your load order is simply the order of which the mods are listed in the launcher. I recommend downloading Nexus's Mod loader Vortex, it really helped me troubleshoot the mods I was using, and for Bannerlord it has a load order menu and will automatically look for what it believes to be the best working order. Now that in itself may not be 100 percent accurate but it would help. Another benefit to using Vortex is you can search for conflicts, again granted it may not get all of them, but it is pretty reliable for the most part. You can also purge and redeploy your mods, which basically is just disabling and re-enabling your mods to help your game figure out what it needs to do. I recommend playing around with all the things I have mentioned, perhaps loading one mod at a time and launching the game (rinse and repeat), messing with the load order, knowing you will likely run into crashing so remember what works. IF ALL ELSE FAILS, its most likely your computer pooping out, as I can see that you do not have the most optimized rig for gaming, if its this open up your task manager and check how much of your computers resources are getting used up, if its most or all then its most likely just the computer.


I did my best, hope this helps :smile:


Edit: I realize now you may not be modding Bannerlord because I randomly stumbled across your post while browsing the forums so if not still try out the things I mentioned because its mostly basic troubleshooting and trial & error.

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