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Anti-Form Transformation Mod

kingdom hearts transformation disease automatic night power mobility melee tk dodge anti-form

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     Hello more experienced modders! So to kick things off I'd like to say that I have very little practice with making mods. I do however have a decent bit of self-taught know-how when it comes to photoshop, just not when it comes to making things mod related. I think, a few tutorials on the web could make me an adaquate texture maker for this idea though. The problem? I'm hopelessly ignorant at using the CK, animations, and scripting, which is where you'd come in. Now on to the mod...


     So the idea is that you become a race that acts like the werewolf disease. It's contracted(via contact in this case), makes you immune to other diseases, has a time limit to the change, and changes ur animations, powers, and stats. There are a few key differences tho that I want to have that distinguishes it from other diseases.


     The first key aspect of the mod is that the transformation will be a custom made shader(not unlike the shader effects used in the Burn Freeze Shock Effects mod - link at bottom of this post) and not a remesh transform. So that means we can just use a cool explosion spell effect and turn on the shader to signal the change. It would make shifting almost instant which accents the main aspect of the transformation.


     Combat, pure and simple. This is the big selling point of the mod. The anti-form will allow very high mobility and rapid attacks. I'd like some sort of dodge mechanic that functions like or similar to the TK Dodge mod(link provided below). Controller support for dodging is a must tho because I play on my xbox controller. You would get a balanced but impressive movement speed increase while in the anti-form. All weapons and spells would be unequipped for the duration but melee attack speed is boosted majorly. Your armor worn before the shift will remain on you but over all armor rating will go down two-thirds leaving you with about 33% left. However your magic resistance will go up by two-thirds. Every melee hit will restore health by a small amount(like 1% or less but not via drain). You will have no health regen otherwise. Stamina regen will be as fast as the out of combat speed at all times tho and you will gain 150 extra stamina.


     Now the movement and animations would be a harder part to work out I imagine, but what follows is a jist of what I'd like to see. For sprinting it would be cool to use an animation set like you see in the KISS - Khajiit Cat Sprint and Sneak(link below) mod minus the sneaking part. If it is possible it would be best if the TK Dodge animations would still work while sprinting so you could almost zig-zag to a distant enemy like an archer(sort of how the movement is in the anti-form video). I think the rolling animations for the TK Dodge would look okay with the cat sprinting but may need to be tweaked to make it more seemless. This will all be happening at (maybe 50%) increased movement speeds so I expect the scripts would have to be kinda fast to keep it feeling fluid. The more the player can move around like in the anti-form video the better. Wispy trails following the hands would make it look awesome. As for attacking, the vanilla werewolf animations would suite the playstyle fine if you can even use those. If that's something like a skeleton dependent animation set then something close would be fine(no clue how that stuff works).


The last aspect of this mod that I'd like to cover in this very long winded(type-ed?) post is the transformation conditions. I'm thinking it would be easiest to buy the disease from a potion shop like Arcadia's Cauldron, it could be called something like "Corrupt Shade Essence Potion". Drinking it would give you an active effect called something like "Anti-Form Soul". The active effect would state that when it is dark outside and you enter into combat you transform into your anti-form automatically. An MCMenu could give the player more specific control of when and how it works and for how long it lasts. By default I like the idea of the transformation lasting up to 2 minutes after combat ends and if it doesn't start back up by then, then you revert back.This effect would have a cooldown(maybe twenty minutes) so it doesn't inhibit skill growth too much and makes it feel almost like a special Coup de grâce. A message on the screen could tell the player when it is getting close to dark so they can be ready for it. A dark demon running around towns would probably create a panic so there would have to be the proper factions like vanilla werewolves have.


As far as the power ability goes I'm open to any ideas. Check out the anti-form behavior video and see if you get any inspirations(fear, waterwalk,poison damage?) holding the button down would have to toggle Nighteye tho since this is a night time mod with no candle light or torch holding ability.


No, I do not have any permissions to use the mods referenced above, yet. But if I get a capable taker to commit to the idea(oh

PLZ!) then I will ask for them from all the owners of the mod resources we will use to make this awesome transformation.



For any who aren't privy to the term as it is used in the context above, when I say 'Vanilla' I mean default, unmodified, non-DLC Skyrim.


To check out some of my earlier photoshop work(you know, for funzies!)

goto - http://lonelyrat.deviantart.com/

For a good example of how the anti-form behaves check this vid out.

Whats all this business about shader effects you ask?

goto - http://skyrim.nexusm...om/mods/14692/?

To see what TK Dodge is all about

goto - http://skyrim.nexusm...om/mods/20923/?

Here's the link to the cat sprinting mod

goto - http://skyrim.nexusm...om/mods/22604/?

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