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Crashing at Falkreath Inn

crashing falkreath dead mans drink

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So it seems every time I try to go into the inn in Falkreath my game crashes. It doesn't seem to be any of my mods, since I don't think any of them are effecting the inn directly. However, here is a list of them...

Abodes: Whiterun Hideout, Vlindrel's Forge, The Dovahkiin Birthright
Armor: Hoods with hairs, Dragon Knight Armor
Cities, towns, villages and hamlets: Winterhold - Expanded Ruins
Combat: Deadly Mutilation
Companions: Unique Female Followers
Gameplay: Achieve That!, Altered Begining, Wearable Lanterns, Left Hand Rings
Immersion: Bandit Raids, Frostfall, Guard Dialogue Overhaul, Hunterborn, Jobs of Skyrim, Telescope, Varied Guards and Stormcloaks, Wet and Cold, Your Market Stall
New ares: South Dragon Bridge, Dragonland
Quests: Sanctum of the Fallen, Into the Depths, Sorcery, Moonpath to Elsweyr, Die Maschinestadt, Pirates of the Pacific, Legend of the Eagle Nest, Gravkammir
Models and textures: Finer Dust, Ruins Clutter Improved, Skyrim Flora, Demon Werewolf Replacer, Towns and Villages Enhanced, Skyrim - Natural Skin
Overhaul: Skyrim HD - 2K Textures
NPC: Interesting NPCs
Visual and graphics: Pure Waters
Misc: SKSE scripts

I've been steadily turning off all my mods to figure out the fault, but no luck so far... Does anyone else have any ideas?



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I think its the helgen reborn mod conflictig with interesting npcs but not sure if thats it for sure but it is really the helgen reborn mod




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Hmm. Well first things first, I used to think that when "no mods are related to (insert problem here)" that this could be purely false. For example, I came across a bug where Dragon Rising failed to start. Basically, Irileth got disabled by the PC when she left the door to send troops to Riverwood, thus making it impossible to start Dragon Rising, even when enabling her and moving her back via the command console. It turns out that this bug is caued by mods such as Dovahkiin's hideout and Player Basement. So any mod can have an affect on anything and everything. Anyway, back on topic. Does it crash ONLY at the inn or does it crash around the Falkreath area? If it crashes around the Falkreath Area(from the place you meet Barbas, to the DB sanctuary, to Falkreath) then that's a common problem which people have taken to calling "The Falkreath triangle crash". If that's the issue, then the only option is to wait it out and have it fix itself. If it is ONLY in the Inn, then the only thing I can think of is finding the name of the location and typing(in the command console) "COC (name of location)". Hope this helps.

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