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Damsels in distress quests + kidnap and ransom request

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Rescuing damsels in distress from the clutches of evil doers is a staple trope of any fantasy epic (like the Elder Scrolls). A topic that is sadly lacking and under represented in Skyrim.

The only reference to this in the game are the rather boring and lackluster rescue mission quests. Theres no imagination or immersion to these quests, They feel like Bethesda has just slotted them in as an afterthought.

I would really appreciate it if someone is able to create / port a mod that adds more immersive and imaginitive damsel rescue quests. For example, having to rescue damsels from dragon lairs, or from bandit camps / dungeons, and you have to fight a powerful boss, in an epic battle before rescuing them, just like the classic cheesy action movies.

In order to make it more immersive and realistic, the damsels should also be appropriatly restrained and attired, so they look like actual damsels, not just sat on the floor.

In relation to the quest, it could be a radiant quest, given by jarls or any NPC for a bounty, or they could also be quests that spawn randomly in the wilderness or map locations.

What would also be cool, is for there to be a polar opposite, an option for the player to play as the bad guy.

If you play as a bandit / vampire/ general bad guy, you can have an option to kidnap your own damsels in distress, perhaps with a spell or power that renders them unconsious or paralized, then carry them away to wherever you want, including player homes, where they can be restrained to prevent them from running off or leaving, maybe using a system similar to Amazing Follower Tweaks so you can access their inventory in order to appropriatly attire them. You can then ransom them back to their families, sell them or keep them as cattle.

Thanks for reading my essay

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