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An important notice and our future plans for collections

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démerdez vous si vous ne baragouinez pas beaucoup ou très bien l'anglais ^^

Je n'ai absolument rien compris au mail reçu qui m'aiguille ici, ça parle de quoi?...

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?First of all, several mod authors explained they’re worried about regular users being able to see the “file archive” with all the archived files, as it is viewable via a button at the bottom of the files tab. Their worry was that users might view those files and then ask for them to be made available, or otherwise request support for files the author has essentially discarded. 

Now. i have archived files, and i checked that little button. and let me tell you. in big bold words, they tell you this:

?The files in this section are for reference only and are no longer supported by the mod author. Please ensure you are using the latest version before asking for support with this mod.

and here they state:

How it would work is, using Vortex, someone could build a mod list/mod setup locally on their machine, then export a meta file with all the information about the mods/files/conflict resolution etc. and upload that file to the site. We refer to this list on the site and in Vortex as a "collection". Another user can now add this meta file/this collection from the site to Vortex and Vortex will then fetch all the download links for the mods, download them, and install them in the same way the original user (the “curator” of that mod list) has them installed on their PC - complete with conflict resolution data and all.
The outcome is the replication of a whole mod setup without much hassle and without entire packs of mods zipped up into an archive being redistributed. This way, we can guarantee that the mod authors of these mods still get the downloads and they also still get the donation points from those downloads. 
Great care is also being taken that the mods in a collection are previewed while they're downloaded. Users are still shown the images and summaries of the mods they're downloading and they can also view the original mod page if they so choose.

While we allow for some files to be bundled with a collection (this is intended for tool-generated output files like e.g. LOD generated by DynDOLOD for Skyrim), a collection does not “contain” any mods, instead it acts more like a reference list for Vortex to know which file from a mod page it needs to download, what installer options to choose, how to resolve mod conflicts, and how to arrange your load order.

Take note that they say NO ARCHIVES and that it is a Mod list/ Mod setup. a META FILE. using this file the user ( if not premium) will be shown a preview of the mod's description page. i take this to mean one that can be scrolled through. they will then go through the meta file and if they follow the INSTRUCTIONS they will eventually have installed the collection just like how the one who made it installed them. 

and then here they state:

The free user experience is therefore going to be a bit like downloading mods in a traditional mod list, with the added convenience of being directed to the exact file, as well as still getting all the automatic conflict resolution benefits through Vortex. The download and installation process can be paused/resumed at pretty much any time, so while less convenient than the “Premium journey”, free users will end up with the same exact result as Premium users - the same collection of mods with the same conflict resolution data as the collection curator intended.

so. Free users, and I presume there to be a lot of them, are going to basically have a TOOL that DIRECTS them THROUGH the modding process. 

Need I go on?




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You sound upset.




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These comments have gone round in circles for the past few days now. Locking it down.



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Thank you to all of you who have shared their perspective in a civil and reasonable manner, whether you agree with our reasoning, accept it, or completely disagree.
Unfortunately, the discussion seems to have devolved, and while we do not want to censor the discourse, we cannot allow for wild accusations, speculations, or threats to be made in the comment section. Understanding that this announcement may be upsetting to some of you, we were quite lenient with our handling of the comment section, but we're unable to sit by idly when our rules are being violated, which is why effective from now, we're going to hand out cooling-off bans/warnings.
That being said, I'd like to address some points that have been raised:

  • Collections are reference lists for our mod manager Vortex to process and obtain/serve the download links to mods in a more convenient manner. Imagine a document with various links to magic related mods for a curated "Best spellcasting mods for Skyrim" list, or similar. Collections are essentially an evolved form of such a mod list, a list that Vortex can read and interpret for you, fetching the download links and starting the download process for you.
  • Collections being sold: Please note that our Donation Guidelines forbid mods from being sold/monetised on our platform directly or indirectly and the same will be enforced in regards to collections. Moreover, our collections system won't even allow for collections to be shared any other way than through the website, making direct selling of collections impossible. Lastly, let me reiterate from the news post that collections are not going to be integrated with the Donation Points system.
  • Archived files can still be downloaded by users via collections, by free users and Premium users alike. Outside of that, both the mod id and file id is required, which is non-trivial for the average user to obtain.
  • Mod authors who have since requested their files to be deleted via the process described in the news post will have received a notification about some of their files being "archived". This is because the first step of the deletion process is the archiving of files (which spawns the notification), however, when a mod page is completely deleted by staff the files become inaccessible for good. You can verify this through the API.
  • Contrary to what some people have claimed, we are listening to feedback - we have been and always will be. Much of the feedback we have been and are receiving is actively informing our design process for new features/improvements on the site. To this day we're continuing to listen as we're forming a feedback/tester group for an early closed testing release of the collections system. 

The change towards file archiving, as laid out in the news post, is, as we believe, crucial to making the collections feature the best it can be. And that, we're convinced, is going to be pivotal in reaching our goals of making modding easier for everyone.
We do intend to much improve the management of mods/files which will eventually look more like a package management system and provide tools to yank/replace files that are bad for the ecosystem. The reasoning behind the change is not to prevent broken files from being deleted, but to provide a strong foundation for future development.
As file archiving is a crucial step on this road, we cannot and will not move away from it, but understanding that not all of you will be on board with this, we're granting the one month grace period to have all your files removed.

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