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Walk in the roof bug and yellow mist

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So I am playing the NWN classic, OC campaign and among many graphical glitches this is the worst. At many places a yellow mist appear and anything in it get's the same yellow color. However, in really severe cases my characters placement marker, the cross like tinge normally at the feet, appears at roof level. When this happens I cannot interact with anything under this "roof" unless I stand outside the affected area and point at it from there. I have searched the web but have found no cases with other people having similar problems. It may be a common bug but I just cannot figure out the right search word for it and thus find nothing. Does anyone know what is about?


Apparently installing this fixed my problems. This is essentially new graphics more fitting for a modern computer, IGN are up again but maybe only momentarily so get it fast if you need. There are also other similar soulotions.



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