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Help with Runtime Error

runtime errror dragon age 2 need help da2 game crashes crash

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Help with Runtime Error
Not every time but very often when I change area the game crashes and then a notification comes up with the message:

Program:D:\Program Files (x86)\S...

This application requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

After i click OK or X the Game just crashes.

I really tried a lot of things to correct it but nothing helped.

I am really desperate so i hope some of you are able to help me soon.

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Ermmm... Help us help you.

System specs?  Things you've tried?  Which (if any) mods?




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Ermmm... Help us help you.

System specs?  Things you've tried?  Which (if any) mods?

Oh, sorry i am new to this.

System Specs

I posted a picture with the comment. I hope it's enough.


I reinstalled I reinstalled Microsoft Visible c++ multiple times.

I let steam check the game files for errors.
I turned down the graphic settings of the game to low.
And mods..... I have a lot of mods.
Do you need the whole list?

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Ok, your CPU and RAM are more than adequate.  But you are using a laptop so I'd like to know what GPU (the graphics card or embedded chip) you have.
I think that is the most likely cause of the crashes.


If it's not your GPU then yes, a full list of your installed mods would help.  While most probably have nothing to do with the problem a couple are known to cause conflicts in certain situations, (mostly texture ones.)


As a separate issue, I usually recommend UNinstalling the Steam version of BioWare games and installing the EA/Origin version instead.  The CD-Key/Product Code is the same and valid for the reinstall.  (Be sure to copy it down first!)  Steam versions seem to have some difficulties that the the Origin ones don't.  (Mostly to do with the DLC.)




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@ Thandal


I added my GPU at the comment as a picture.

So like I said I have really a lot of mods.
I am really new to this so I used vortex. Because of my newness to this it is possible that there are mistakes with the mods.
So yeah that's my whole list.
And thank you very much for your help.






With Vortex:


Smooth Movement_DA2 v1


Ancestral Armor

Ancestral Robes

Evo_champs armor - Warrior

DA2 Trailer Warden Armor - Version 2_1

Diversified Follower Armors

Eternal Vigilance armours

Orlesian Noble Hunting Armors

Orlesian Noble Hunting Armors - Main File update

RLs Start Armors - Amell Ancestral Robes

Warrior And Rogue Champion Armor to Mage Armor


Colors for Robe of Hidden Pockets - retex - Pocket Robe - Black and Silver

Female Finery

Female Hawks Party Outfit as Home Outfit

More Female Home Outfits

More Female Home Outfits - one new outfit for home

Noble Outfits as Home Outfit


Basic Hawke Family

Merrill Morrigan Hair

Repeatable Romance Scenes V1.2


Beauty Shop Models



HKHairTints v. 2

KS Hairs for DA2 - All in One

KS Hairs for DA2 - Elven Edition

LOTC s Eye Textures Opt Pk



Natural Hair

PTs Vibrant Colors for DA2 v2_0

PTs Vibrant Eyes 1_1

SG Beauty Shop - Beauty Shop - The complete package


Tattoos for Dragon Age 2 - Zolariels_Tattoos

WyldTats Complete


Faster Runspeed - mod friendly - Double combat and half out of combat

Faster Runspeed - mod friendly – Runspeed

No Follower Autolevel 1-2

No More Spiders v2

Super Lots of Skill Upgrades - SLSU 094


Warriors Archery and Dual Weapon


Backpack Mod



Hawke Estate Mirror and Outfit Changer

No More Bloody Teeth

Skip Intro v1.2


Envrionmental Textures

TrufflesDuval Texture Mod - Flag Fix DX9

Ultra Version - All in One








Without Vortex

Varricmancer Mashup

Pilgrim’s coat

Armour oft the Nevarran Princess

Shield Chests-3730-1-0

Longsword Chests-3730-1-0

Sotonhorian Weapons-3730-1-0$

Dagger Chests-3730-1-1

Back Tattoo-2808-1

Menacing Spirit-Full Gold Regalia-3544-1-2

Anthracite Robe with alternate gloves-3544-1-0

The DarkMoon Rogue by WezEllison-3488-1-0

The Black Rose Armor by FokSiGen-3488-1-03

The Demons Concubine-3499-1-3

The menacing Spirit-3499-1-3


Multiskin-Garments of the Pirate Queen-3499-1-1



KS Hairs for DA2 - All in One-4033-5-10-1572574453

Ultra Version - All in One -3981-0-8

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Ok, several things stood out for me.


1. While you have do a dedicated GPU, many laptops default to using their embedded Intel (or AMD) graphics chip unless you "force" the use of the add-in card.  Every manufacture has a slightly different way to change the default graphics hardware setting, so check you owner's manual.  This is the mostly likely reason for the crashes.


2.  (After addressing the above, if the game still crashes then...) The staring point for fixing any crash problems with a modded game is to UNINSTALL all mods and see if the problem continues.


If it does, then the problem is related to the basic game install or the computer itself.

If the problem goes away, then it's related to one-or-more mods.


Presuming the problem is mod related, then re-install HALF of your mods and see what happens.

Problem goes away?  Add back half the remaining mods.

Problem continues?  Remove half and try again.

Rinse-Repeat until you have identified which mod causes the crash, then DON'T USE THAT MOD. :laugh:


3.  You list some of your mods as "Without Vortex", which implies that the others were installed with Vortex.  Vortex DOES NOT WORK WELL with the Dragon Age-series games.  The many different ways that mods need to be installed for those games, depending on a number of different things about both the specific mod and the specific game environment, mean that Vortex often fails to install things correctly.


4. You have a Steam installation.  Right there it means you have a "non-standard" installation from the perspective of most mods/mod authors.  Your folders and file locations are not all the same as they would be otherwise.  Yes, everything should (or can be made to) work correctly with a Steam installation, but it takes knowing exactly how to handle each type of mod and making adjustments to the "standard" instructions as needed.


Again, I recommend UN-installing the Steam version, re-installing the "standard" (EA/Origin) version, then re-installing your mods either individually following each mod author's instructions, or using the DAO-ModManager (which is the one I use) or DAModder ("DAMM" or "DAM") for the mods those two utilities know how to handle.  (Plus, of course, the CharGenMorph Compiler for appearance mods!)


See also this article:  Using Dragon Age Mods for Dummies:thumbsup:


Lastly,  it did occur to me that sometimes the cause of a program crash is a conflict with a sound FX.  You might check for an update to your Sound Card driver.


Hope this helps.


[EDIT:  I know your native language is not English, and mine gets pretty complicated.  Ask for clarification if you don't understand something. :cool: ]

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Psstt... hey Thandal... the use the Steam key to install through Origin trick prolly won't work for DA2.  Steam won't display a key for DA2.  Also, DA2 shows up in both your Steam and Origin library - but Origin displays a Steam banner across it.  Both clients have to run to start the game.  At least, that's been my experience with buying DA2 from Steam.


So, OP - I suggest you remove everything DA2-related, and start with a fresh installation of the game.  You may need to manually delete (or move) some folders/subfolders, especially in your documents -> BioWare -> Dragon Age 2 directory (the Characters subdirectory therein contains your save files, which you may want to preserve if you have any that aren't broken).  Everything in your game installation directory should be gone once you uninstall the game.  Then reinstall it.


Once you have a fresh install, start it up and make sure it works.  Then try adding just a few mods at a time, using the mod author's instructions or tools Thandal pointed out, and make sure the game still works before you add a few more mods.


Good luck.

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