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New Power Armor

power armor armor

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Hello everyone; Kelevrin here,


I'm sure this type of request and/or question has been posted, asked and answered before, but I'll ask anyways.


I'm looking for a new type of Power Armor, one that is more streamlined, like the Iron Man suits from the movies, but not looking EXACTLY like them, something that is smaller to frame, rare, not connected to The Brotherhood or at least is something they are making right now, like they have blueprints for this new type of 'Power Armor' and to get it you either have to be apart of the Brotherhood, steal the blueprints or even find the blueprints which were scattered around The Mojave by a renegade Brotherhood member.


So they it starts off as a quest or something: so say it happens like this. Find the quest(find or steal a piece of the blueprints within The Brotherhood, talk to a loyal member of The Brotherhood or run into someone who had stolen the blueprints and lost them) > Quest begins with your first piece of blurprint > Travel The Mojave in search of the blueprints > Find all pieces of the blueprints by finding them in dungeons, on enemies and so on > Put the blueprints together and read what's needed to make the armor > Begin second part of quest line > Start search for the needed parts > And once you have all the parts you weld, build, whatever the armor > End of quest line and you have a new and unique set of Power Armor.


You can also find or build custom-addons to it and even custom weapons, like a wrist flamethrower, laser shooter, missle launcher and even shoulder mounted weapons of the same type.


If there is anyone willing too get in with this with me, then please send me either a detailed reply about what you think, what you can do and so on either this posts reply system, a private message through here(they have one don't they?) or you can send me an email with your ideas, experieces and skill set; I'd actually prefer an email, since I check that pretty often, but any one is fine.


AYI; I'm very good at writing, so I can help in regards to making the quest(s), information and so forth.


My email is: [email protected] and if you do email me address it as something like "Power Armor Mod" something so I know to read your email.


Thank you

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