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Genji Overwatch FPV into Skyrim ?

genji overwatch dash dragon blade

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Hello !

I'll make it simple and my main question is : Would it be possible to incorporate Genji abilities (Overwatch) FPV into skyrim SE ?

I'm asking this mainly because i have over 500hours on him in Overwatch, i like open worlds (SSE Main) and modding games.

And ohh... In first person view because it's the only way i play games no matter what :/


As I look all the mods made for this game, i see possibilities with some mods..


- Better jumping SE (for the double jump)

- Whirlwind Sprint Redone (able to to dmg and maybe a ''dash replica'')


Is it possible to create ?..

- Throw shurikens (magic spell?)

- Wall climbing (Script when holding space bar on static walls i would start climbing?)

- Dash and dash reset (Visible horizontal slash and shout cooldown reset when an enemy dies)

- Won't ask for dragon blade cause if all the above can be achieve then i would just have to create a standalone or replacer katana with higher dmg.


This is my first topic ever but this question remains and would like to know what is possible with the skyrim engine.


Here is a link to a Genji basics if you don't know him




P.S. Sorry if i made sentence or vocabulary errors, english is my second language.

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